Japanese copyright application information

3 min readOct 5, 2017

1 Procedure

(1)Application to Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs (in case of Copyrights excluding Computer Program)

Registration is possible only when publishing the copyrighted work or transferring the copyright

(2)Application to The Software Information Center (SOFTIC) (in case of Copyrights for Computer Program)

Whether published or unpublished, you can register the date of creation of the program work (the day when the program was completed)

2 Main types of registration

(1) Register of true name

Registration of the real name of a work published in anonymous or pseudonym

(Effects of registration)

Term of protection of rights is extended from 50 years after publication to 50 years after the death of the author.

A person registered as a real name is presumed to be the author of the copyrighted work.

(2)Registration of the date of first publication or the date of its first having been made public

(Effects of registration)

It is estimated that the work was issued or released on the date of registration.

(3)Registration of the date of creation【Only Copyrights for Computer Program】

Registering the date when the program’s work was created

It is necessary to apply within 6 months after program creation.

(Effects of registration)

The date of registration becomes the start date of the calculation of term of protection of rights (50 years after creation) of the program work.

(4) Registration of right of publication【Excluding Copyrights for Computer Program】

(Effects of registration)

You can compete against third parties regarding establishment, transferring etc. of the right of publication.

(5)Registration of assignment of copyrights

(Effects of registration)

You can compete with third parties about the transfer of copyrights etc.

3Duration of Right

50 years after death, 50 years after the work is made public (in the case of unnamed, pseudonym, company name) 70 years after the work is made public (movie)

4 Period of examination for registration

About 30 days

5 Supplementary matter

(1) Power of attorney

(2)Specification of copyrighted work

·Title of copyrighted work

· Name of author (name of corporation)

· Author’s nationality

· Author name displayed in the first publication

· The date of first publication or the date of its first having been made public

· Country name of first country issued

· Types of copyrighted work

· Contents of copyrighted work (200 to 400 letters)

(3)Required materials depending on the type of registration

(a)In case of Registration of true name

Materials to prove real names

(b)In case of Registration of the date of first publication or the date of its first having been made public

Material certifying the first issue (third party’s certificate)

(c)In case of Registration of right of publication

Publication right setting agreement, other shareholder’s consent form etc

(d)In case of Registration of assignment of copyrights

Transfer agreement, consent form of other sharers, consent form for the independent application by a transferor’s written approval etc.

(e)In case of Registration of Copyrights for Computer Program

Copy of program’s work (CD-R, DVD-R)