PITCH Investors Live Announces the Biggest Pitch Competition of the year in Las Vegas

PITCH Investors Live partners with Blockchain Nation Conference to take pitches from startups, giving away a $1 million investment to top winners. As Gold Sponsors and Moderators for the leading blockchain event at the Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV, PITCH Investors Live is honored by the opportunity. “This event is going to be epic,” said Jonathan Foltz, who will be traveling with other team members to moderate the PITCH competition on October 9th and 10th.

Vegas attracts large crowds looking for an a-la-carte experience in both business and family entertainment. “We wanted to created a family style conference for people who were new to the space, for Fortune 500 companies and government officials,” said its organizer Andrew Vilenchik, who chose the destination for its reputation of being a true global epicenter for culture and connections.

To inspire large and small companies to get into tech and blockchain, Vilenchik organized a $1 million investment prize for several top winners. “Blockchain is about entrepreneurship,” he said. To support entrepreneurship and blockchain, companies will present use cases to a panel of judges on several stages, to an expected audience size of 1,000. Judges will provide feedback and include Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank, Vinny Lingham from CIVIC, and other celebrity guests.

Many members of the team from PITCH Investors Live will be moderating the pitch sessions which will happen throughout the 2 days: Jonathan Foltz, Matthew Lally, Alice Hlidkova, Jason Stone, Damien Coughlan, Lawrence Aponte and others.

Beyond entrepreneurship and blockchain, companies require the necessary tech education to stay innovative and ultimately competitive. “Companies are afraid to innovate,” said Vilenchik, witnessing the trends of companies becoming sponsored rather than actually providing the solutions, say in blockchain. “Startups can provide the use cases for enterprise to invest and existing companies can learn from the young ones — the innovators.”

Born in Belarus, Vilenchik is a technology entrepreneur and finance professional sharing common ground with Foltz on innovation and entertainment. Vilenchik met Foltz in Miami where PITCH Investors Live sponsored Blockchain Nation Miami. The conference had an impressive lineup including Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and Daymond John, John McAfee, and Frank Abagnale, on whom the famous movie Catch Me if You can is based.

Vilenchik has been a supporter of PITCH Investors Live, intrigued by the “unique platform that presents similar opportunities to young entrepreneurs,” he said, adding “companies don’t know how to find credible sponsors and investors.” The platform solves the problem of making quality investors introductions at a lower cost. It also advises companies on how to present their products and services properly to investors who ultimately make the time and financial investment. “In any kind of sales, you are scared and when you present, you can polish your speaking skills,” said Vilenchik, on the opportunity of presenting concise thoughts on the platform, using a proper framework.

Creating marketing platforms is expensive. PITCH provides an exclusive experience for entrepreneurs and investors, on the digital front, by utilizing mobile tech and blockchain to secure connection and pay for services using tokens. The app adds an extra layer of connection, and blockchain “is about connecting people, and building trust in people,” said Vilenchik who adds: “it’s never too late to learn — and it’s more important to learn when you are older since more things change.”

On the global blockchain landscape “ all countries are adapting, the more advanced ones are slower due to their regulatory framework but Europe is ahead of the curb, as it has fewer restrictions,” concludes Vilenchik, who looks forward to impacting the way blockchain is perceived, and accelerating industry development and entertainment, globally.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, tickets, participation in the pitch competition, and connecting with industry experts send the PITCH Investors Live team visit: www.onemilliondollarcompetition.com