PITCH Investors Live Pitches at Caribbean CoinAgenda

PITCH INVESTORS LIVE launched its World Tour PITCH DAY in Puerto Rico

On March 16 2018, the PITCH INVESTORS LIVE team traveled to Puerto Rico to connect with and pitch to investors during the first stop of their World Tour.

The Caribbean was a vortex of sun, rum, and crypto with Coin Agenda at its apex as it welcomed investors and blockchain companies to pitch. The Conference entered 2018 with its 5th event in connecting leading digital currency funds and high net worth individuals, with visionaries and leading blockchain startups. Sponsored by large blockchain companies like Achain, Skycoin, and Intimate, the event brought over 1,000 attendees to the La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort.

Crypto talk over lunch

PITCH INVESTORS LIVE Founder Matthew Lally shared his epiphany over lunch. “People are looking for ways to get crypto projects into the limelight and it’s expensive to do that”, Lally said aloud at the company’s booth he set up as a TV screen played PITCH’s promotional video in the background. “There is massive enthusiasm for buying tokens at discounted rate”, especially in Puerto Rico where the cryptocurrency space and the island itself are a “match made in heaven — a bit of a cliche, but it’s true.”

The enthusiasm was tangible in the Caribbean, where Puerto Rico had become home to newly made investments in blockchain companies and cryptocurrencies since Hurricane Maria. Nicknamed “Puertopia” or “Crypto Rico,” investors like Brock Pierce set up shop in San Juan for its tax benefits and good vibes. As Director of the Bitcoin Foundation and Co-founder of the blockchain-for-business start-up, Block.One, which sold around $200 million of the cryptocurrency EOS, Pierce was no stranger to this industry as a former child actor and gamer. His sentiment was shared among veteran and newly-minted crypto investors who were looking for short- term ‘get rich quick’ and long-term ‘create social impact’ gains. As he reflected on interest levels with the possibility of buying property in Puerto Rico himself, Lally thought deeply about the “massive opportunity”, citing that “it’s only the beginning.”

Room for collaboration.

A gentleman approached Lally with a question: “Are you guys live?” Lally nodded his head and responded, “Yes, you get the idea, right? We are the only platform in the world that allows entrepreneurs and startups to pitch investors live.”

ICO investor Simon Bogdanowicz inquired about the project next. The two discussed blockchain logistics company Shipchain, airdrops, and community engagement. Bogdanowicz was friends with PITCH INVESTORS LIVE advisor Justin Wu. They used social media influencers and airdrop referral codes to grow the telegram group to close to 4,000 participants.

“Any advantage to partnering up with you guys?”, to establish a mutual benefit asked Lally. Bogdanowicz nodded his head and shared his experience at the blockchain solutions platform, Hybrid Block. “We have pitch events every Tuesday in Los Angeles,” he told Lally, as he shared plans to build a blockchain incubator. “It could be good for you guys.”

Founders hit the stage.

Lally packed up his bag to greet Co-founder Jonathan Foltz in the conference room. The men walked on stage to pitch to an audience of 300+ attendees. “We have a video for you, a promotional video the PITCH team put together,” said Foltz. The audience clapped in support and the founders proceeded with their presentation..

Mike Terpin took questions from the audience after the pitches. His company Transform Group launched the first million-dollar ICO. With over 60+ ICOs in their portfolio, representing over 31% of the total market in cryptocurrencies, Terpin envisioned Puerto Rico as a blockchain hotbed. Foltz listened on, nodding his head in agreement.

Pitch contest results.

Unfortunately, the PITCH team didn’t take home the prize that time. “The winner had sushi for the audience!”, said Foltz, half-jokingly. “Although some of their ideas were sound and pretty good, few had the ‘splash’ in their pitch, or any defining unique edge.” Foltz felt reassured that the team was positioned for success with more marketing and networking in places like San Francisco, where the PITCH team was to attend the CB-Cryptocurrency Blockchain Conference.

What surprised the founders was the participation of international companies from countries like Germany, Ukraine, and Australia at the event. It was great to see so much diversity and global contribution in the space.

The founders planned to vamp up marketing efforts to raise awareness and education about their platform. “People really love and are excited about what we do, but not enough know what we do”, said Foltz, as he reflected on the importance of education and awareness in this space.

Next stop: San Francisco for CB — Cryptocurrency Blockchain Conference.

Written By: Alice Hlidkova