Scripting the Perfect Pitch for Startups & Entrepreneurs

At Pitch Investors Live, we advocate for creative team work and impeccable customer service to ensure that you have the BEST and most MEMORABLE pitch experience possible.

For those of you wondering what the ideal pitch looks like, the answer is: there is no formula, only a guide. The truth is, the pitching experience begins with you saying “yes” to connect with investors, rehearsing the lines, and then going LIVE.

We provide you with the liberty to engage the investors in a way that SUITS YOU. Whether seeking capital, partners, product validations, new business mentors, or strategic partners, the choice is YOURS.

We have a guide on the types of questions investors ask, but the reality is that this is your show, and what you agree to discuss with the investors is up to you and the person who is receiving the pitch.

If you don’t have an iOS device, that’s ok! We are rolling out the Android & Progressive Web App BETA versions, that are to be completed in the next few weeks. For now, have your friend, loved one, or colleague download the iOS app at They won’t mind sharing their phone; maybe they’ll feel inspired to support or pitch with you!

Remember to be humble and kind to yourself; there is no need to stress. We are here to HELP YOU.

Here is a SAMPLE PITCH on our platform:

During The Pitch: [Sample Script]

INVESTOR: Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington.

PITCH: Hi, I’m Jonathan Foltz.

INVESTORS: Hi, Jonathan. Tell me about Pitch Investors Live.

PITCH: We are the first and only platform where entrepreneurs and startups can pitch investors live, live streaming via our app.

INVESTOR: What is the market opportunity?

PITCH: Entrepreneurship is on the rise. Yet 75 percent of venture-backed startups fail (Harvard Business School study), due to mismanagement of personele and funds, wrong product market fit, etc. Many companies don’t have the right mentors or advisers to help them scale or their capital burn rate is fast. At Pitch Investor Live, we aspire to reduce the burn rate by saving companies time and money and having our investors offer sound feedback. As the blockchain industry continues to grow — the industry is estimated at $50 trillion industry where up to 65% of business will be using blockchain technology by 2020 — we will see more startups motivated and committed to succeed with the appropriate resources.

INVESTOR: What is the problem?

PITCH: Not all entrepreneurs have access to investors who are qualified, in their industry, and have been vetted. Not all investors have access to quality deal flow or companies in certain parts of the world.

INVESTOR: What is your solution?

PITCH: For entrepreneurs, we are giving them a low-cost access to investors we have vetted. For investors, we are giving them access to quality people and projects, respective to their industry. There are no barriers to entry for both parties and both have to go through a 3-stage vetting process. We have come up with a far easier, funner, and instantaneous way to get entrepreneurs in front of investors.

INVESTOR: How does it work? Key features?

PITCH: For the entrepreneur, first purchase your ‘PITCH Package’, or credits used to pitch on the platform. The credits are PITCH tokens you can buy on our website, our app or on exchanges such as IDEX and HitBTC. The app can be download by visiting (currently only available in iOS) and visit to buy tokens direct from the exchange. You then, create your bio where you tell investors about your startup or business. Once you are done, begin your ‘pitch’ by selecting the ‘Pitch’ button in the app.

For investors, download the app and select the ‘Investor’ button. Once your application has been approved, you will be given a list of small, digestible pitch summaries. Select the one that most resonates with you and swipe right, the entrepreneur is then notified that you are interested in receiving their pitch. Swipe ‘Left’ if you are not interested.

Once both parties ‘Accept” the pitch, you will be notified to go on the app live, in a facetime call manner.

INVESTOR: Who is your competitor?

PITCH: There are several similar companies out there, but neither are decentralized, as disruptive, or have an app where entrepreneurs pitch investors directly. We are truly first to market with what we are doing.

INVESTOR: What is your marketing plan?

PITCH: We built the iOS app and are now developing the Progressive Web App and the Android version. We will be utilizing our very high level investors and celebrities as leverage to attract entrepreneurs from around the world. Similar to how Shark Tank gets 10,000 entrepreneurs trying out to be on their show, except our process is much faster and cheaper. We will use influencer marketing for celebrities in addition to digital marketing with Facebook and YouTube ads. We also have an affiliate marketing program. We will also use Guerrilla and Viral Marketing Tactics, since our team has some of the best internet marketers out there.

INVESTOR: What are your financial projections?

PITCH: Reference Guy Kawasaki’s format for financial projections in his famous 10-slide pitch deck format.

INVESTOR: Project timeline?

PITCH: 2Up Technologies that developed the app was founded in Dec 2015. The app was released on the iOS Apple App store in April 2017. In February of this year, we sold out our private sale and then began our public sale, which followed by being listed on HitBTC back in June. Close to November, the app will allow entrepreneurs to use an Atomic Swap technology and mechanism we are building as we speak. By end of year we are projecting multiple pitches happening daily and those happening simultaneously from around the world, in real time.

INVESTOR: How many people are on your team?

PITCH: We have around 40 talented individuals with marketing, development, operations, corporate management, and investment experience. Many of us are entrepreneurs ourselves; one of the reasons we all resonated with this project so well.

INVESTOR: Who are your other advisors?

PITCH: We have several others. Kevin Harrington, Billionaire Investor and the Original Shark from Shark Tank, was a perfect fit since he is a mega entrepreneur that has also taken over 50,000 pitches in his lifetime and scaled 20 companies to over 100MM each.

Justin Wu who worked on many blockchain projects and was the head of growth at Coin Circle, one of the most prestigious agencies in the Blockchain space.

We currently had Reese Jones, Singularity University Founder and Facebook Advisor, join our team and get us ready for major growth.

INVESTOR: How much are you looking to raise?

PITCH: $3 million to further develop our app. Up until our private sale in Jan and Feb, we were completely self-funded.

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