In Castilian, Gozo means ‘joy’. Gozo is the second largest island forming paert of the Maltese Archipelago, having a population of around three thousand people. Despite not being physically distant from its siter isalnd Malta, Gozo is distinctly different. Not only is it around one third the size of Malta, Gozo hosts a much more serene and rural ambience. Every foreigner who visits Gozo can assert that the island of Gozo and its inhabitants have their own distinct character and identity, and they can also confirm the Gozitans’ friendliness and warmth, never thinking it twice to lend a helping hand. Gozo’s stunning beauty springs from its amazing seascape and interior, the winding village streets and towering churches. In Gozo it is indeed as if time really stood still, with peace and quiet being felt at all times of the day. It provides a wonderful respite from the modern pace that many us have to put up with life. In Gozo eating is good and varied. Apart from local dishes and continental menus, one can also find places specialising in ethnic cuisines. Gozo’s sense of safety and security makes one feel comfortable to walk about the island at any time of the day, with the island taking pride in the almost non-existence of crime….

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