Campaign Tech Tools

Winning campaigns requires effectively communicating with voters. And in today’s political industry there are scores of ways to spend your money targeting. Here are a couple technologies that you may or may not know about to give your campaign an edge.

Background Information — is a project that helps citizens who want to run for office figure out eligibility and relevant information like cycles. If you want to run and don’t know where to start, they have answers for you.

Texting — Calling voters is massively effective, but horribly time consuming. As more and more young people have become involved, texting as soared as a medium to converse with voters and volunteers. Hustle is a platform that uses text messaging to build support, fundraise, and get out the vote. Text messages can often reach supporters when phone calls and emails fail and aren’t subject to as many regulations as mass calling cell phones. Hustle has been leverage by campaigns and organizations across the country like Sen. Doug Jones to drive turnout.

Targeting — Social media is all the rage in campaigns and we understand why. It’s a low cost, broad-spectrum medium that allows anyone to talk to voters. While a generic Facebook ad or sponsored tweet is fine, there are some great tools that help you get the most bang for your social media buck. Applecart is doing cutting-edge work by building social graphs for targeting voters. They have experience around the country including John Kasich’s Presidential campaign.

Voter Management — No matter which side of the aisle you sit, your campaign is going to need a way to organize its supporters. Voter Action Network, VAN, is given as a resource to many Democratic candidates and is rich with historical data. Similarly, Advantage and i360 have the backing of the Republican Party. NationBuilder is a great nonpartisan tool for Republicans, IE’s and Democrats who do not have access to VAN or Advantage.

Early Fundraising — All of these awesome tools are going to cost you money. We love CrowdPAC for early money fundraising. Like its name implies, CrowdPAC is a non-partisan, GoFundMe-style, crowdsourcing platform to raise dollars for campaigns.