2018 Top 10 Property Management Companies on Social Media

Salvatore Friscia
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The 2018 Top 10 Property Management Companies on Social Media is presented by Salvatore Friscia, property management social media pioneer, creator of the Property Management Social Media Bootcamp Course, and founder of San Diego Premier Property Management and TenantFinder.

The Top 10 Property Management Companies on Social Media is not a popularity contest, but a way to spotlight residential property management companies that are using social media platforms to provide value within their local communities and the residential property management industry.


The article was compiled to recognize the growing importance of using social media and social media marketing as an invaluable tool within the property management industry to engage, cultivate, and promote brand recognition and relationships with potential and existing clientele.

After weeks of research, sifting through hundreds of posts by dozens of property management companies across the nation, our honorees were chosen due to their ability to provide quality content, bring value to their social communities, and positively enhance the industry.

Companies were vetted not only by their amount of followers, but by quality of content, platform activeness, and overall engagement from their social communities.


The social platforms Facebook and Instagram were evaluated to determine rankings. The site socialblade.com was used in conjunction with a matrix that weighed the following analytics: number of followers, average likes, average comments, business page rankings, Facebook business page grade, and number of people talking about.

Seeing an opportunity to recognize the success of others, the following list has been compiled of the Top 10 Property Management Companies on Social Media for 2018, as well as 3 runners-up.

Congratulations to the Top 10 and 3 Runners-Up! We look forward to seeing the great content you produce this year!

1) Rent Portland Homes

Rent Portland Homes. Portland, OR

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Score: Facebook 34 | Instagram 37 | Overall 71

Rent Portland Homes has amassed a considerable Instagram following with over 11K followers, a very admirable achievement for a residential property management company. They’ve done so by incorporating a majority of Instagram’s features including: IGTV, stories, and highlights. Using a great mix of property management, community, and rental property content across both Facebook and Instagram, they’ve earned the #1 spot.

2) California Leasing

California Leasing. Santa Clarita, CA

Facebook | Instagram | Website

The first of four California property management companies to have made the list, California Leasing ranks the highest representing the Golden State coming in at #2. They do a great job of showcasing rental properties and office culture which is always a winning strategy. California Leasing has a strong Facebook business page with over 12K likes including a captivating video banner and numerous rental property videos. They’ve built a quality Instagram page as well, check out the gals from California Leasing having fun in this Instagram post using the boomerang feature.

3) Authority Property Management

Authority Property Management. Redding, CA

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Authority Property Management is a tale of two social media platforms. On Facebook, it’s business as usual as they market their rental properties using video and engaging posts. On Instagram it’s all about the office culture and the team; #lovemystaff and #lovemyowners are common hashtags used in many of their fun filled post.

4) Brix Management

Brix Management. Pittsburg, PA

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Brix Management, a boutique property management firm from Pittsburgh, PA has cracked the top five. Using clean lines and vivid rental property pictures they have created an engaged community of loyal followers. Here’s a great example of bringing the human element back into property management: check out their Instagram posts: “Meet Our Founders Justin & Jesse.” Great job guys!

5) 855 Manager

855 Manager. Detroit, MI

Facebook | Instagram | Website

855 Manager offers property management and renovation related content to a wide ranging social community. They incorporate a good mix of video, office culture, and completed projects to prospective tenants, rental property owners, and admiring vendors. They successfully use a great mix of local events, memes, and of course, rental properties to keep their social community engaged and coming back for more.

6) Planned Property Management

Planned Property Management. Chicago, IL

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Planned Property Management utilizes consistent branding and quality content across all their social platforms. They’ve amassed over 8K Facebook business page likes and their Instagram page depicts stunning Windy City skyline pictures and beautiful apartment interiors that would make any interior designer jealous. Bonus: Check out their sister Instagram page for Apartment Tips @theapartmentdish

7) Goldenwest Management

Goldenwest Management. Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Goldenwest Management services the Phoenix, Las Vegas, and San Diego rental markets. They have an active main Facebook business page and individual city Facebook pages for the locations mentioned above that carry consistent messaging and branding. Goldenwest has developed a strong Instagram following by offering a variety of engaging and informative community and team oriented content.

8) Atrium Management Company

Atrium Management Company. Orlando/Lake Mary, FL

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Atrium Management Company is Florida’s lone representative. They have a strong Facebook business page with over 2.4K likes and use a great mix of live video and prerecorded video to garner solid engagement from their social community. They’re building a strong Instagram page as well, using a variety of solid visually appealing content.

9) R.E.M. Residential

R.E.M. Residential. New York, NY

Facebook | Instagram | Website

R.E.M. Residential has a solid social media presence. They deliver high-quality, visually appealing content that provides value while spotlighting the communities in which they manage rental property. They have a cohesive, well-branded Instagram page that’s getting attention and utilize many of Instagram’s features, including showcasing client reviews and industry articles in the highlights.

10) Harland Property Management

Harland Property Management. La Jolla, CA

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Harland Property Management incorporates quality video and high resolution pictures of stunning rental properties to engage its social community. They have a solid Instagram page full of forward thinking and creative video content. It’s exciting and outside the box content, here’s an example of a video that was boosted and received over 3k views.


Park Avenue Properties

Facebook | Instagram | Website

365 Management

Facebook | Instagram | Website

The Kentucky Life

Facebook | Instagram | Website

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