Social Media Influence

It’s a real good feeling when you post something on social media and seeing all the likes and comments trickling in one after another. The slow anticipation keeps you captivated for the single thought of another user clicking like, or even to commenting their opinion. The power to be able to captivate and entertain a user with the sole purpose of acceptance and getting other users “approval” is a powerful but yet dangerous thing.

So the question that seams to be the hardest to resolve, is social media good or bad? Again before you can even answer that question I think it would be unfair not to consider all the syntactical elements that occur and that can occur in specific situations. For example some people will say social media is bad because it allows people to say things they normally wouldn’t say in person or if they had real world repercussions. Others will argue that it allows them to voice they’re opinion or even to ask for help about things they don’t have access to in the real world or that are uncommon. Vipxclusive a local branding agency in Los Angeles posted a quote reading “look at the internet as the new digital freeway and social media platforms are the new digital billboards.” So again we ask, is social media good or is it bad? Like all other things in the world it’s a matter of adjustment and adaptation. Technology something new and something that is conforming in our lives and eventually it will be something we cannot get away from. Therefore they only advice I can find is learn comprehend and innovate to further the progress the understanding of social media.