▪️Friday is a right time to take stock of the whole week. We should mention that this week has passed as productive and eventful as possible✔️

▪️An extension of 40% bonuses till the 1th of July became a headline news. So if you’ve decided to join the list of first investors, this is the best time‼️

▪️Also, one more internet portal published an article about our project, that can be read via link➡️ https://news1.ru/archives/24476

▪️But there’s more to come. Looking out at users activity as well as an expressed interest to the Easy Work project, we’ve decided to extend an…

🚀The ICO is in high gear. And we decided to make an instruction for you in order to invest correctly.

So, to purchase tokens investor should send ETH (not less than minimum 0.1 ETH) to corresponding crowdsale contract⏩ 0x586479c6d1bE75565Fe1340a2c307fFF50e75dEA

Recommended GAS: 250000, GAS PRICE — 21 Gwei.

You should invest using wallets that support ERC20, such as:

1️⃣MyEtherWallet — https://www.myetherwallet.com/


3️⃣Mist/Ethereum wallet

Attention‼️DO NOT use other wallets, coinmarkets, stocks or exchanges. This can lead you to losing your money.

After the investment is done, for the further token’s display in your wallet, add them in the following way:

1️⃣Paste the token’s address⏩ 0xB8852D723Ae589AaD4B580F84DDC9603B6509A8b

2️⃣Paste the token symbol⏩WORK

3️⃣Paste the Desimals of Precision⏩18

Today is 25th of June and this is the last day when you have an opportunity to buy WORK COIN tokens with the maximum bonuses, which are 40%.‼️

In order to become one of our early investors, switch to the site➡️ https://easywork.life register✅and become a part of our team.

For all those who wanna join our project but don’t have an opportunity to become an investor we remind that few bounty-campaigns have been launched (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Article Campaign and Medium). Please, follow the link to join one of the campaigns➡️ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4418505.0

‼️Likewise, don’t forget to follow the news and you won’t miss anything important✔️⬇️

The start of our ICO is gonna be tomorrow already at 2 pm via Moscow time🚀🚀🚀For the fastest ones, we have prepared very cool bonuses! In the meantime, we decided to answer on the most popular questions⬇️

🔸How long an ICO is gonna be? — Token purchase terms are from the 21th of June till the 12th of July. However if the necessary sun won’t be gathered in this term, we will extend an ICO✔️

🔸Do you have a bonus program? — Of course, we do. …

Today, a huge number of start-ups are trying to attract investments through the ICO. Blockchain-projects have influenced almost all spheres of human activity and in each of them there is already a quite serious competition.

Easy Work platform combines a number of features that distinguish it qualitatively from competitors and, first of all by quality. Our developers have thought of every little thing to ensure the best possible service🔝

✔️Another important feature of Easy Work project is the availability of a built-in authentication mechanism that ensures the presence of only real users on the platform.

✔️The built-in Easy Work interpreter…

💠We live in a World in which the issue of Internet security has long been removed from the first plan. This decision, has unfortunately led to numerous theft of personal data of users around the world. According to statistics, every year, about 15 million people become victims of Internet scammers. With the growing number of people carrying out their business to the network, the issue of Internet security has become more than just relevant.

💠Easy Work team has developed unique certification system based on blockchain technology, that verifies and approves freelancers and customers. During an Easy Work platform registration, a…

💠Monday would be started productively, and an Easy Work team has a number of important updates for you.

As we have told before, all previous week there was an active work concerning an updating of our projects site.

💠At the present moment, we have achieved such results⬇️

✔️Updated versions of English, as well as Russian site have been launched;

✔️The final version of White Paper was added;

✔️The bonus program of the Easy Work project has been placed;

✔️ICO details were published;

✔️For the convenience of our community, links to the main social networks are now added too.

💠Moreover, our developers are already conducting final tests of an «Investor’s office» launching of which is planned in the very near future. Don’t miss it➡️ https://easywork.life/

For the great majority of people in crypto-society, projects site is kind of its trademark. We could undertake a long debate as well as compare an importance of white paper and landing page, however one should admit that first of all, a potential user always draws attention to the site🌐

That being the case, an Easy Work team doesn’t stop working on updating and expanding the functionality of our site. We will update several sections and add a couple of new ones in the near future✅

So far, an Easy Work site is going through the final stage of preparation before launching to the masses. Follow our news in social media and you definitely won’t miss an official release✅

It is generally agreed today that freelance is not a work in the spare time anymore, but a full-time employment. With each passing year the popularity of freelancing increases, the employees of this sphere become more highly paid and in demand. Only in the USA about 53 million people are engaged in freelance.

At the same time, there is a necessity in creation absolutely new kind of services for the interaction between customers and performers. …

✅The 2017 year was a landmark one for the ICO conduction. Many projects have achieved an unprecedented success, but there were those who are not that lucky. This year, the popularity of ICO doesn’t abate, and a number of start-ups that try to evaluate their ideas into reality is increasing each passing day.

An Easy Work team undertakes a sufficiently long and high-quality preparation before an ICO conduction. Every day we improve our service and prepare for its presentation to crypto community. …


EASY WORK is a decentralized online-platform, that provides a new way of seeking implementers for solving different kind of domestic and business objectives

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