BlackFem, Inc. Graduates Pitch to Over 60 Investors and Donors

New York, NY, December 6, 2016 (BlackFem, Inc.) — On December 3rd, 14 BlackFem, Inc. graduates pitched to over 60 investors and donors at the organization’s inaugural Finance Fair. Similar to a science fair, attendees circulated from station to station where a program graduate would make a pitch about a financial topic. Investors and donors listened to each pitch and dropped tokens into the participants’ baskets, which represented an investment in them. Each participant averaged 50 investments for the event, but the four girls who received the most investors now have the opportunity to become real investors as Kiva lenders.

“A year ago, I could not have imagined achieving such success,” says BlackFem, Inc.’s Founder and CEO, Chloe McKenzie. “In our first six months of operations we have scaled to 4 other states and helped over 500 women and girls of color. Certainly it was my hope that we could get to this point, but I feel that the reason why we’ve gotten here is because of how our families and partners have believed in and endorsed our mission.” BlackFem Inc.’s mission is to provide opportunities for women and girls of color to build and sustain wealth. This organization, McKenzie explains, targets women and girls of color because this demographic is overwhelmingly underserved and under-resourced financially. In fact, this demographic is the only one with a median wealth of $0 or lower.

This event was the manifestation that through grassroots, community-based nonprofit programming, women and girls of color can feel empowered and begin to build wealth. Another reason for the success of the event is the partnership BlackFem, Inc. has secured with Capital One. Capital One hosted the event at its Union Square flagship store. According to its website, Capital One’s Union Square flagship store elicits a new banking state of mind because it is a place “where you can relax while you bank and connect with people and new tools.”

Capital One will host BlackFem, Inc.’s final Time Is Money program for the year, which will teach 3rd to 8th-graders how to trade stocks and bonds.

With a focus on being wealthy as opposed to being rich, BlackFem, Inc. is deepening its impact in undeserved communities of color. In 2017, BlackFem, Inc. will integrate its programs in several more schools and launch its in-house Higher Education program for high school students and Raising Capital program for parents. Beyond this, BlackFem, Inc. will release its children’s book, aptly titled Money Does Grow on Trees, at the end of January. Ultimately, the Finance Fair’s success is symbolic of how successful this organization has been since its inception and evidence that it will continue to make a meaningful impact in the communities it serves.

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BlackFem, Inc. is a 501(c )(3) non-profit wealth and financial literacy organization designed for girls as young as 3 and women up to adulthood. We are empowering women and girls of color to create financial stability and sustainability for themselves. One by one, we are correcting the extreme resource deficiency that characterizes this demographic.


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