How to Get Rid of Coding Beginner’s Syndrome

When you’re a neophyte, it’s hard to start things. You have to swim against a lot of objections. I remember the first time I started working as a content marketing specialist at I don’t know where and how to start, although there is a bit of idea of what should be done.

Our service, by the way, is all about teaching beginners how to code. That said, I have a difficult time catching terminologies and principles of coding.

On the lighter side of the story, I did survive the difficulties. How? I was eager to get the job and my boss is willing to help me get through the problem. I tried to understand the basic of coding. That means I have to learn the things that programmers do. It was difficult because I need to finish the marketing tasks and at the same time I also need to learn how to code. The biggest problem is, I don’t know how to start.

I know it’s a hard thing to get out of one’s comfort zone, but with persistence and proper guidance, you’ll going to achieve what you want. To make it easier for those who suffer from beginner’s syndrome, I’m going to share with you the 3 helpful things to do to overcome beginner’s syndrome.

Stay Out of Your Comfort Zone

I almost give up during my first stage of working as a content marketer. Why, because instead of napping during my free time, I have to spend it on understanding how programming works. Instead of reading novels in my free time, I need to search for the differences of web apps, mobile app, and other apps. Instead of giving myself more free time, I have to do something for me to achieve what I want. These are just the scenes that I have to struggle with.

Struggles are everywhere. You will encounter different kinds of them on your way to success. But, do you know what the most difficult struggle to overcome with is? It is Self.

This is when you want growth while you also want to stay with the life style you love. But always remember that you can never properly look at your two shoulders at the same time. So, better get out of your comfort zone and start working on understanding those codes.

Be Active On Programmers' Online/Offline Communities

As a beginner, you may get bored and think that what you are doing is nonsense and there’s no way to solve your current problem. This is where online communities move in. In there, members share the same sentiment as yours; may it be emotional or technical.

The best thing about communities is that they can share their experience with you. They can teach you techniques and guidelines; they can share books or references. They are there to provide you solutions. This is the beauty of working with others.

Get Proper Guidance

Knowing what to do and knowing how to do it are two different things. Beginners are sometimes impulsive in acquiring all information they want. Sometimes we are reckless. We always thought that knowing the theories in programming is enough to develop web apps. But, when we are seating behind the computer, that’s when we realize we still need proper guidance.

Who are these people who can help you? It could be anyone you know; they could be your friend, a computer science professor or someone who has experience in coding. Just choose the person who understands your needs in order to achieve your goals. If you don’t know anyone, there are coding experts online who could help. As for me, my team mates who have adept knowledge about programming are helping me right now to learn more about how to develop a web app.

We can never predict what could be the difficulties that we may encounter as a coding beginner, but if you learn how to deal with these three major points, you’ll know what to do.