Simple Ways on How Moms Can Start Learning to Code

How hard can it be for a mom like you to provide for the needs of your children? Undeniably, most moms would need to have more than one job to provide for their children’s need. A reality that most moms, like you, experience.

There are also moms that stay at home most of the time to take care of their family. But, staying at home doesn’t mean that they’re not doing anything; they spend their time to make sure that their families are being taken cared of. From financial support to mental support, they are always there. So being a mom, is never been easy.

However, though life is difficult, you need to keep moving forward. One best way to transform from being in this hard state is to objectively look for a job that could give both the time and monetary attention to your family.

What you need is to get a home based job that offers a good payment, but wouldn’t use all your time. But, how will you do this?

I’m going to provide you ideas which you can use as a starting point for your new career. A profession that allows you to use your creativity as well as pays a lot than any average cubicle job out there.

What should be a Profitable Online Job for You?

Since we are talking about an online job, programming would be a great idea. Many moms today, may they be single or not, excel in this profession. I wouldn’t mention their names one by one, for you can see that by yourself; try searching them in the internet.

I’m not saying that you can be like them in a single snap; however, with proper guidance and persistence you can achieve what you want.

There are lots of benefits that you can get when you know how to code. For example, other than the possibilities of getting a high paying job you can experiment with creating a web application. Surely, it’s up to you on how you want to use your knowledge about coding; use your creativity to gain financially.

Tips on how to start your new idea

I asked some of my friends, who are already mothers with home based job — “How did they start?”. Nothing fancy or extravagant, as they describe it. Starting from scratch is good.

Here are the tips on how can start your programming career.

  • With coding profession, begin with learning the basic. Know the language that you want to use; most experts suggest that Python is good for beginners. It is simple to understand compared to other programming languages.
  • So, since you already know the specific programming language to use you can look for some video tutorials or books to acquire the basic knowledge.
  • And, ask guidance from professionals. You can take a short program that is offered in your place, but if you don’t have enough time, there are coding programs online where you can also join. This wouldn’t just save your time for traveling to your school, but you can also save financially. You can save money because you don’t need to spend for your travel expenses and pay more for your tuition. Well, basically, you still need to pay but you’ll spend less.
  • To test what you’ve learned, build simple websites.
  • When you already know the basics you can then proceed on learning other languages and building complex applications.

These are some of the steps that you may follow to start building your programming career. Just don’t get tired of learning, always remember that you’re doing this to provide for your children’s needs.

People may think that this is not for you; well it could be true if you don’t work hard for it, but don’t listen to them if you think that you can actually do this. You should go for what is beneficial to you and your children.

Just remember the following; start from the basic, use python as your programming language, watch video tutorials and read books that will guide you on how to code, enroll on an online coding program, test what you’ve learn through building websites and proceed to building complex applications if you have already established your foundation in programming.