BotTalk has everything you need to create Voice Interfaces

BotTalk is not a minimalist drag-and-drop tool, it’s a metropolis. One filled with all the major features needed to run engaging, interesting and beautiful Alexa Skills and Google Home Actions.

This means there’s a lot to learn! But it also means you can learn it piece by piece. You don’t need to be an expert on all facets of BotTalk to get started on creating a great voice user experience.

The logic of BotTalk scenarios is written in YAML — a human friendly data serialization standard. Unlike a programming language, it’s easy to understand for non-programmers. It reads and writes as plain English.

On top of YAML BotTalk puts the special syntax that lets you describe voice scenarios in a simple, straightforward manner. Every scenario consist of steps, which, in turn, can have actions — things like ask user a question, get data form some third-party API, send voice feedback back to the user, and/or send a card to the Alexa App / Google Assistant. You can also save any data you want (be it the user responses or variables form the JSON responses) — either between the steps, or between the sessions — by setting context variables. Finally you can link the steps together — either by reacting to what the user said — or by applying custom logic based on the data you saved.

In addition to the core dialog syntax, BotTalk supports powerful templating language Twig. This really supercharges your voice applications! Do you have a set of data — and you want to iterate over each item one by one? Use Twig’s for tag! Do you want to create custom logic — for instance — greet new and returning customers differently? Grab Twig’s if tag! Are you looking to convert a date into something human and voice friendly? There is Twig’s date filter for this!

But BotTalk doesn’t just help you write your voice applications. It comes bundled with the state of the art AutoTester, which will notice the problems with your logic or any dead ends in seconds.

And one more thing… With BotTalk you can write you scenario once — and deploy it on multiple platforms — with just one click. Yes, you heard it right: one scenario, multiple products: Alexa Skill AND Google Home Action!

BotTalk will automatically provide a custom endpoint for your Alexa Skill / Google Action. Which in turn, means that you can change the logic, wording and behavior of your Skill / Action anytime — just by editing the scenario file in BotTalk.


It’s never been easier to create Alexa Skills and Google Assistant Actions than today! We can’t wait to see the next Big Thing you’ll build with BotTalk!

How To Become A Great Voice Developer?

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