How to Purchase an AxonDAO NFT 101: Buy Ethereum on Binance and Send it to your Metamask Wallet

4 min readJul 11, 2022


How to Participate in Thank You Life NFT Drop

  1. You will need to purchase Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency using Binance, Coinbase, etc

Set up and log into your Binance account and transfer fiat onto the platform using options under the “BUY CRYPTO” tab

2. Transfer your fiat into USDT using “Binance Convert” option under the TRADE tab

3. Use USDT to buy ETH using the “Spot” option under the TRADE tab

4. Type “ETH/USDT” into coin pair search bar on the top right, then click on ETH/USDT pair

5. ETH/USDT chart and order book will be displayed

6. Scroll to the bottom to buy ETH using your USDT using either a market or limit order. Market order means ETH will be brought at the current price, with a limit order you can set the price.

8. IMPORTANT: Make sure you purchase more ETH than the price of the AxonDAO NFT. “Why?” because there will be gas fees. Gas fees are similar to the tax on a standard online purchase.

7. When the order has been completed you will see your ETH balance displayed in the “Fiat and Spot” option under the “Wallet” tab

8. Now you need to set up a non-custodial wallet to transfer your ETH to (called Meta Mask). This is the wallet you will use to connect to NFT marketplaces and dApps. It can be downloaded as a chrome extension. Go to this site to download it. Create a wallet and password.

9. You will be given a special “seed phrase” or secret recovery phrase of words that need to be noted down and kept in a safe place (do not lose this phrase as you will need it to recover your wallet in the future if you change devices or chrome crashes!!). Once set up you will see your Meta Mask extension as a chrome extension under the puzzle icon on the browser

10. You are now connected to the Ethereum mainnet and should see this popup when you click on extension icon

11. Copy your ETH wallet address by clicking on the “copy” icon under Account name (highlighted by red arrow in pic above)

12. Go back to binance account and go to “Fiat and Spot” under the WALLET tab

13. Next to your ETH balance click on the “withdraw” option

14. Paste your address into ETH address box and select Ethereum ERC20 as the network from dropdown options

15. Enter the withdrawal amount and then click “withdraw”

16. Once the transaction is confirmed will see the balance is updated in your Meta Mask account balance

17. Go to and click “Launch App” in the upper right-hand corner.

18. Then press “Connect Wallet” in the right-hand corner.

19. Once your wallet is connected, go to the left menu bar and click the “NFT” tab, you will be able to purchase the AxonDAO NFT from here!

Thank you for supporting the AxonDAO mission. If you’d like to learn more about where your money is going, please read here:




AxonDAO is a medical investment DAO that supports underrepresented neuroscience therapeutics, technologies, and research. Our Genesis NFT is launching 7/25/22!