Bein About This Work

Last week, someone asked me what a typical day is like for me. My response is that there really isn’t a typical day.

For instance, I spent today getting caught up on all the things I let slide on yesterday. I don’t really work on Mondays, and yesterday, I was motivated.

let’s get this work!

Aside: I did actually get SOME work done yesterday. I answered phone calls from numbers I wouldn’t normally answer, and 2 out of three were legit jobs.

But… I was so tired. Excited but drained. Eager but lethargic. I just needed a break from the grind.

A bright spot: I took The Scoot with me to my first day at the new gig at Doctors Hospital early yesterday morning

I spent some time with the family yesterday evening. We had $1 frozen pizza and watched Big Bang Theory, I gave the puppy a bath because we’d begun to call her Smelly Cat. Went to bed early — around 9:30p — and woke at 4am.

So, today I’ve done the following: completed 3 contracts, pitched 2 new event partnerships & developed a program which will celebrate students artists in our county, 2 blog posts, sent 3 invoices, final edit of today’s gig lead post, updated the gordonmusicgroup web presence, scheduled 2 appearances, added 3 dates to the calendar and 3 tunes to my wishlist.

In addition to creating a little content, I’ve consumed quite a bit as well. I subscribe to about 100 newsletters and google alerts about every subject from place-making to downtown development to jazz festivals to artists collectives….. What can I say? I’m decidedly curious and definitely ADHD.

Interestingly enough, after I started this post, I saw a link to this article A Day In The Life of a Musician. Check it out. Pretty accurate, dontcha think?!

**By the way, I also procrastinate. I wrote the bulk of this piece last Tuesday. just added the last few sentences this morning.

Have a great week. Continue to be awesome.