Choices? Really?!

really interesting how people interpret questions/options… (& I’m not talking about my gf who voted no on the #brunchbill right now), but … #whatever.

The question “should someone be able to operate an all-night video game and star-gazing emporium with free chicken wings, PBR, and target practice?” is not the same question as “do you star-gaze, play video games, eat chicken wings, drink PBR, and shoot up shit?”

For me, it’s akin to the pro-life, pro-choice issue….

I believe in THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE. It does not mean that I am for or against abortion. It simply means that I am for people having the option. Is it sin? Or is it not? Not my job to regulate your salvation. I can’t put you into, nor get you out of, purgatory.

It’s up to you to decide whether you will or won’t. That’s your business.

#pivot: And as much as I can’t stand cigarette smoke, I feel like the smoke-free thing (ordinance) was a bit much. I’d like to think that the fine folks of AGS would vote with their pocketbooks. AND that there could’ve been some sort of provisions made for companies/vendors/etc… to protect their employees/contractors who had no other options than periodic exposure.


…when you legislate shit that affects my ability to make choices, and this is based upon YOUR personal preferences and religious beliefs. THEN, Sir/Ma’am, we have a problem.

I don’t go into your fridge and throw out all the pig feet and communion wine. Mind ya damn business!