Meetings… about Art and Culture. #really?


I have to admit. Unapologetically.

I LOVE a good meeting. There’s just something about being in a room surrounded by people who want to get shit done, and are not afraid to put in work for what they believe in.

get it done

People who say, we want more transparency from our local government. We want to know what y’all are up to with our damn money. Those same people will stand and say, ‘I see your mouth moving, but I’m watching that azz,’ and call you out on your bullshit on a dime. #trust #verify

THAT is my kind of meeting.

I love meeting with artists who envision a more engaged and creative community, but who are also willing to have those tough conversations… about why we as creatives have allowed arts advocates… the very people we entrust to carry our torch for creativity and innovation …. to accept sweeping cuts in arts education funding in lieu of job security …WITHOUT A DEATHMATCH…

THAT is my jam.

Yes, I even embrace the internal conflict and turmoil that I experience as I shift my efforts from advocating for jazz music exclusively to the concept of creative community on a much larger scale. I’ve considered all of the possible criticisms… (well… most anyway)

I’m good with musicians calling me out as BS… I’ve had to ‘grow’ to that place of acceptance.. to understand that many artists will request my services, but refuse to take next steps based solely on MY method of delivery.

I’m okay with people pointing out the dearth of classic jazz in our group’s programming… I can handle being labeled the gatekeeper of jazz for Augusta GA … (please believe, that is NOT a badge of honor, when you consider context).

But, here’s the cool thing. I welcome the conversation AND the conflict. I crave it, actually.

You’re not loving a thing? Ok cool. Let’s talk about it. That presentation reeks of bullshit? Ok well, I’m listening…. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Those tough conversations… the ones that keep us awake at night, that have you pacing the floor and ranting to your spouse about shit that he IS NOT EVEN REMOTELY interested in, but about which he must pretend to be … #yesdear #iunderstand #thatisnotcool #thataintright #yeahman

…the topics that compel us to get together after the meeting (town hall, charrette, symposium) for sodapop and wings…

THAT is where a good bit of the work takes place. It’s at the hang.

What is a hang? The time, space, place where people gather together to connect, network, build, work shit out, chill, bullshit, spread love… it’s all love.

Where can you FIND a hang? HumanitreeHouse Juice Joint & Art Gallery on any given day, Christy Beckham’s house on #leadershipaugusta ArtsDay, PartridgeInn on 4th Fridays, and my mother’s house during holidays (but you didn’t hear that from me).

Side note: I’m working with a group to plan a symposium for artists and growers in order to build capacity in our area. And, for whatever reason, I looked up the definition of SYMPOSIUM.

symposium: a drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet (and notable as the title of a work by Plato).

Well damn. Let us start there. #issahang. Let’s get this work!!!

(to find out where the hang is happening, follow #gardencityjazz)

soundtrack to this post….. Roy Hargrove — I’m Just a Vessel