nothing to lose…

When we choose to remain silent until WE have nothing to lose, we must accept that those whom we intend to help may very well end up with nothing to lose, literally, as a result of our inaction. -kg

so many times, I have said…. I am going to run for public office.

but first… I gotta get my life together.

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Several weeks ago, I shared this photo with the following caption:

“ actual photos of the skeletons you’ll find in my closet when I decide to run for office. just putting it out there. take a look around. make yourselves at home. don’t say you weren’t warned…. #welcomehome#Empress2020

So. Yes.

I’ve got to clear up and clean up some things. I’ve got to make sure that I know where the bodies are buried. I have to ensure that my husband and my Mama are okay with IT.

“IT” is not the rigor of the campaign. IT is all of the BS that I’ve dealt with, that I’ve been about, that I’ve brought on myself.. out here in these streets.

IT represents all of the things for which I’m shameful, embarrassed, and those things that I wish my mother will NEVER catch wind of. Because I’m a lady..

IT is the stuff that I never told my husband, even when we had these honest talks and amnesty moments.

IT is the BS that I chastise my children for… not being extra careful… for experimenting, for being outright reckless…. knowing FULL WELL that I’ve done those things every day and twice on Sunday. I’m not even talking about inhaling, but I’m not saying that I’m NOT talking about that.

I have to own it. Right?!

I’ve gotta admit to one son that, at a certain point in my life, I was completely incapable of adulting. And at a critical time in his life… junior year of high school, and I wasn’t prepared to admit that to anyone.. especially Grandma. So, it was really up him to do the heavy lifting.

I’ve gotta tell the other son that it is by the grace of God that I am still standing. Sure, we appear to have it all together. But… truth is…. #NO

I never thought I’d have to have a tough talk with my daughter. She has always seemed to have everything together, and I refused to see how her marriage could be problematic for her. Damn liberals. Here’s yet another #PollyAnna moment for me.

Then there’s this thought…

So… I’ll put my name on the line when I don’t have anything to lose.
I was cool with that for a minute. But no more, because I see what it COULD mean for all us

Back in the day, when I would relentlessly encourage people to go to church, I would always hear ... “I’m coming back to church, but I gotta get sh*t together first”.

My response? The church is the place where you go to get your sh*t together. It’s a sanctuary for sinners… not a kickback for saints.

What’s my point?!

The very concept of waiting until you have nothing to lose to speak out against injustice and unfairness — whether because you fear the cellphone video from your last trip to Freaknik will hit The Shade Room… or whether you enjoy a healthy bottom line at your storefront or restaurant… or perhaps, the people in your personal and professional circles bristle when you flip the code-switch button to OFF.

Whatever the real deal is, consider this.

“It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Assata Shakur