Share a Meal. Ignite Conversation. Inspire Change

Slightly more than a year ago, my Garden City Jazz business partner, Kigwana Cherry, and I started a series of secret dinner parties. We launched under the auspices of Pop-Up Augusta! because I’d owned the domain name for several years, and it seemed to work for what we were planning to do.

Though we spent tons of time developing and refining the concept, Kigwana brought the vision to fruition and has carried the project since its inception.

Our motto is share a meal, ignite conversation, and inspire change.

How do we do this?

By bringing together the most amazing chefs and brilliant performing artists in unusual and undiscovered venues, and then carefully crafting an enviable guest list. We don’t advertise our events, and the mysterious nature of each event keeps things fascinating.

2018 has been a great year for us. A few of the events we’ve hosted have included:

* concert with award-winning Ingrid Woode & Woode Tribe Orchestra
* murder mystery dinner
* mimosa crawl
 * mardi gras themed dinner
* progressive dinner

The host venues are as integral to the experience as the food and music. 
* candle company
* juice bar
* art gallery
* rooftop lounge
* downtown newly renovated loft space

What now? We want to hear from you. Whether you attended one or all of our events, please leave us a review on our Facebook page.

Good, bad, indifferent? We’ll take it.

Continue to be awesome!

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