Shut up and play…

BruhMan said “Bump politics let’s just play music or sports. With them all anyone cares about is can you play.”

Said he was joking. Naw Bruh.

BruhMan got a good government 9-to-5, health care & retirement. Music is your side hustle, not your bread&butter. So don’t step to me, talmbout you were just making a funny.

To affect your livelihood, it would take a smooth ~50k ppl moving away from the County, taking their $$$ from the tax base. To affect mine, it only takes 500 ppl (more like 250 ppl though) to be pissed and decide to never come to anything with my name on it.

Spare me, Bruh. (As I said to him, ‘I wish a mofo WOULD tell me to shut up and play”….)

True, it’s MY choice to work this way. However, don’t insult my intelligence because YOU don’t understand why entertainers and athletes have JUST as much (or more) responsibility to be agents of change.

You, too, Brother, can be that change… no judgement, just choices.

Get your weight up.