The struggle is real. Still… embrace it.

I struggle daily. To be my best self. To quit bullshittin. To figure out what I’m doing. And many times, I ask why any of this matters….

But yesterday…. I started the day with a foul mood. I was tired from the parties and fundraising events of the previous night …. overextended and needing some rest and clarity — about what the hell ….

But, God. The Supreme Being showed up in a form that I’ve experienced many times before but was too stressed to invoke on yesterday. Christopher R. Wilson’s dance. His performance embodied the prayer needed to shake me out of my complacency, my mediocracy, my fear of walking in excellence.

The life force showed up once again through the artistry of Javonne as she made magic through her instrument…. Thru Mike Sarge as he encouraged us to embrace the bodies, the minds, the souls that we have been blessed with. Thru the Musicated vessel, the Spirit emboldened us to accept life’s challenges… to walk out onto that ledge,

And jump the fuck off.

I do rejoice regularly… in the simplest things… making coffee for Bossman on Saturday mornings before heading to the Market…. cuddle time with LeScoot before school… cooking WAY TOO MUCH food at family gatherings at my Mom’s #ChellesFault.. making excuses for my busted ass garden.. being clueless on how to parent adults #WTF… showering attention on these puppies.

I rejoice in the arts… in creativity… in collaboration… in community. For it is in this, that I find that fountain. Of youth? Not really. I find more of the life force that sustains me. It’s more like that heart shaped herb in Black Panther.

Once you experience that. You are forever changed. Join us as we embark upon this journey of music, life, art. … #renaissance #father #letmeloveyou

Soundtrack: Laura Mvula “Father, Father”

Events: Vegan Jazz Brunch, SoireeSunday