A brand new project and huge benefit for POLL token holders is coming!

Over the past 12 months we’ve designed and built an amazing blockchain, capable of running ClearPoll at lightning speed and minimal cost, without sacrificing security. We were able to do this, largely due to having some of Australia’s best blockchain developers on our team. We have some of the best minds in the industry, constantly working to do things better and to evolve and push the limits.

This process has caused us to ask “what else” our blockchain can do.

We are very excited to announce that not only will be continue to develop, improve and market ClearPoll as promised, but we have been planning a potentially huge side project.

Whilst we can’t release any information about the side project at this stage, we can tell you how it will affect, or benefit, you — the POLL token holder.

The new project, known as “Eso” will use a modified version of the ClearPoll blockchain. It will be developed by the same team, plus some added developers.

Eso will have its own token and we’ll be holding an ICO during Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 (dates TBA).

So how does this benefit POLL holders?

The top 100 POLL holders on a date to be announced, will receive a 1:1 airdrop of ESOS tokens. There will be a total supply of ESOS of 70 million. The POLL holder snapshot will occur before the Eso ICO commences. Exchanges (Kucoin wallet for example) will be excluded from the top 100.

The Eso ICO will also accept POLL tokens as contributions, including a 20% bonus, so there is real incentive for a contributor to choose to contribute with POLL rather than ETH, BTC, NEO or LTC. This presents an opportunity for POLL holders to switch to ESOS tokens if they choose, and also should create new POLL volume as others acquire POLL to contribute with.

So, not only will our top POLL holders get a lot of free ESOS tokens, they’ll then be able to contribute those same POLL tokens to the Eso ICO, to get even more, with a generous bonus.

But there’s more! There’s always more.

Every single POLL token we receive during the Eso ICO, will be LOCKED for 12 months. That may be a significant percentage of the total POLL supply, given its low circulation and how many of the top POLL holders we expect will be contributing to the Eso ICO. POLL tokens received during ICO will not count towards our funding goal, as they don’t provide any funding for us.

Also, POLL tokens will be accepted as a currency as part of the Eso project, and it will be the only other cryptocurrency aside from ESOS tokens, to be accepted. This gives an ongoing opportunity for POLL holders to use their tokens, plus may result in other users obtaining POLL to use the Eso service.

All we can tell you right now about Eso, is the following:
- It will be an app and desktop platform (like ClearPoll)
- It will be both crypto and mainstream focused (equally useful for both)
- It solves some major and very common problems and concerns in relation to security, privacy, communication and data storage
- It will be launched Q4 2019

More information will be coming very soon, in a few weeks.

Given that ClearPoll and Eso are from the same team, funds raised during Eso ICO will improve our ability to market and develop ClearPoll in the future. It’s no secret that the current market has made it difficult for us. Raising more funds for the same team will allow us to hire more team members and all team members will be working on both projects as needed.

Just to recap the benefits for POLL holders:
- 1:1 Airdrop for the top 100 POLL holders
- 20% Bonus on POLL contributions to Eso ICO
- Expected increase in volume as a result of the bonus
- All POLL received during ICO will be locked for 12 months
- POLL to be accepted as an exclusive cryptocurrency in the Eso platform
- Constant overlap of ClearPoll and Eso technology and communities
- Increased funding for our entire team including devs and marketing for both projects

We must make it clear, the Eso project will not impact ClearPoll’s development or attention in any way whatsoever. We will be taking on more devs as needed. Absolutely nothing changes with ClearPoll and it’s still moving forward exactly as planned. We are very enthusiastic about its future, particular with the “anyone can vote” implementation coming soon.

Regarding our previous side project, Clearify, the bear market and slow down of high quality ICOs affected its success. It is still going, and the technology works perfectly. We’re still verifying ICOs but we are being far more selective about the quality and legitimacy of those ICOs. ClearPoll was always our “big idea”, and Eso has a good chance of being even bigger.

Over our journey we have learned a lot about the market and the various stages and requirements of holding an ICO, developing the product, marketing, running the community and more. We are confident the Eso project will be a success, both for token holders and as a standalone mainstream blockchain project.

We have proven we deliver as promised, and can be trusted. Most importantly, we have proven our loyalty to our supporters. We will continue to work hard for you.

The ClearPoll Team