Introducing — Coin and ICO ratings on the blockchain

You may be aware of one of ClearPoll most promising features — the ratings widget. Users can easily create a ratings widget for any product or website they like, and embed it easily on their site.

We’ve identified a real problem in crypto lately.

Ratings of coins and ICOs are being manipulated or purchased. Staff at popular ICO review sites are taking payments, or they are on the team of the particular project, and the ratings are not an accurate representation of what the community really think.

So we are building — a site dedicated to rating every coin or token listed on CMC and most legitimate ICOs. Everyone can vote, just install ClearPoll one time, connect to desktop, and vote on as many as you like.

Note: Ratings pictured are just examples. Calm down! :)

We’ll include a nice clean way to sort the ratings by score, most votes, most recent or by name. The teams can also take their ratings bar and embed it on their own site as an official CryptoRater rating, and their website visitors can rate with one click. Since CryptoRater offers a better quality, more genuine ratings system, the incentive is there to use it to their advantage.

ClearPoll makes it near impossible for bots and multiple votes. You are unlikely to see a sudden spike of obviously fake 1000 x 10 star ratings. 1 vote, per ratings bar, per person. We won’t accept payments for ratings — it’s not actually possible for us to do that. We have as much power as you do.

CryptoRater is likely to result in a high number of new ClearPoll users and offer great exposure within the market. There is also the possibility of integration into existing ratings and ICO review sites.

We plan to roll out a similar platform in different markets. For example, hospitality. An sortable archive of all establishments in an area, as well as an easy way to embed an individual ratings bar.

CryptoRater ratings will be easy to embed on any website, including live ratings.

It won’t be possible to just re-create a ratings bar and pretend it’s an official CryptoRater rating. CryptoRater ratings will have a different design and “skin” to regular ratings widgets. Plus, you’ll easily be able to search the ID (compare to website) or even look at the vote totals to check authenticity.

How does CryptoRater benefit POLL token holders?

It’s all about exposure and usage of ClearPoll as a platform. Growing the platform and user base will create a natural healthy demand and volume for the tokens. Users will install once, and vote everywhere. On ratings bars, polls, widgets, on desktop and in the app. In the case of CryptoRater there is an urgent need for genuine ratings, and an easy understanding within the market of the benefits of blockchain ratings. We expect it to spread quickly. will launch in late September, a few weeks after ClearPoll launch.

Thanks again for your continued support,

ClearPoll Team