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Social Finance Leadership Development Academy — Module 5: How to Do Pay for Success Right

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Feb 19 · 3 min read

Social Finance is hosting a series of training sessions on outcomes-based funding. These offerings, collectively called The Social Finance Leadership Development Academy: The Theory, Practice, and Future of Outcomes-Based Financing, are designed for public-sector leaders looking to link contractor payment to performance and pay for results rather than service delivery.

This training is part of a larger research and education effort focused on the value of prevention and how it can drive better health and social outcomes. And it’s unfolding over eight weekly online modules lasting 30–60 minutes.

Module 5: How to Do Pay for Success Right

Jake Segal, our vice president of advisory services, is the host of this training series centered on outcomes-based funding. It’s a simple notion: Instead of purchasing services from vendors and hoping that they’ll work, governments should pay for positive program results. But while this idea is straightforward conceptually, putting it into practice isn’t always so simple.

During our first four sessions, we covered a lot of ground. We explored the foundational concepts of outcomes-based funding and talked about how problems in measurement and evaluation create risk in the social sector. We also dug into why a focus on cost savings can oversimplify and sidetrack policy making and looked at the benefits and potential pitfalls of performance-based contracting. But this is the session we’ve been building up to.

In this chapter we’ll discuss what outcomes-based contracts are, examine how they work, review a few examples, and zoom out to see how the Pay for Success field is evolving.

You can watch a recording of Module 5: How to Do Pay for Success Right below or sign into our public Webex portal using the password SocialFinance2020.

Module 5: How to Do Pay for Success Right

Are you interested in viewing and participating in the remaining sessions in real time? Sign up here. Have any questions or comments about The Social Finance Leadership Development Academy? Connect with Jake Segal or John Pion today.

Upcoming modules and provisional schedule

Module 6: Enabling legislation for outcomes-based contracting. How legislation at the state and federal levels can accelerate outcomes-based contracting. (Feb. 20, 3–3:45 p.m., Eastern time)

Module 7: The secret sauce: performance management. The secret sauce of outcomes-based contracts: using data and good governance to get better results. (Feb. 25, 3–3:45 p.m., Eastern time)

Module 8: Looking to the future: Contracting around uncertainty. Using new contracting tools in concert to build a thriving market for social innovation. (March 4, 2:30–3:30 p.m., Eastern time)

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