What are the five worst things about working with concrete?

concrete broker
Jun 26 · 3 min read

I wish they’d told me

Concrete work can be unforgiving. It can send you balmy, bonkers, broke if not all of the in between. It is an unforgiving beast that knows no bounds. And just when you thought you had given up on working with the grey stuff known affectionately as mud, you find yourself dragged right back into its clutches. But tell the truth, what are the five worst things about working with concrete?

Here is the concretebroker TOP 5:


1. When it rains concrete work grinds to a halt — Basically that means, you can’t earn any money. Not good.

“It’s going off”

2. Concrete goes off — And sometimes we mean OFF, real quick. Everyone wo has worked with concrete knows that when concrete starts hardening, you only have so much time left to finish your slab. And if you hang around and watch the sun come up, chances are you’re too late.

Where’s my truck?

3. Concrete trucks are often LATE — That’s right, you’re all formed up, you have a crew of concreters on the payroll and waiting, and guess what. You’re concrete mixer is LATE. Or as the concrete batcher more often than not tells you “It’s 5 minutes away”. Thats English for “It could be any time before lunch”.

Am I going to be paid for this?

4. Being paid for concrete work isn’t always that easy — Customers and clients are always ready to argue the toss. “My slab has a few cracks in it”, “that isn’t the exact colour I wanted”, or “I am waiting on a progress payment from the bank”, are all common complaints. Concreters, although first in the food chain when it comes to construction, can often be relegated to last, when it comes to being paid for their hard earned work.

My back is killing me

5. We all have just one back — Unfortunately shoveling, screeding and troweling your concrete surface is difficult work that entails a large amount of lifting, bending over, and twisting of your lower back muscles. Concreters as a consequence, traditionally suffer from bad backs. Therefore life after concrete, if you live long enough to realise it, can be hindered by back pain, reduced mobility and a retirement plagued by physical impairments.

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