Dairy entry #1

I see laziness. George died about 8 months ago. His death felt like a tsunami. The waters of ignorance slowing retired far from the shores and forcefully submerged the whole world… People awoken to their lack of knowledge about racism. Such an ancient ideology, ever so present in our daily lives, invisible to the Whites.

I find it fascinating how most people will admit that sighted people can hardly understand what if feels like to be blind. Able bodied people can hardly understand how it feels to be disabled, etc. Yet White people refuse to admit how…

After exploring the mind and its intricacies I thought it would be good to just leave you with a few additional material to stretch your thoughts! After all I am a yoga teacher!

Since I have started my journey of self-exploration and taking back my power, maintaining the garden of my mental health, I have developed a habit of stretching my mind. Exploring concepts, theories, ideas that I would have thought absolute non-sense a few years back or going deeper into a topic to better understand it. Remember knowledge is power!

The content that I share here are things that…

The chance of each of us being born is 1 in 400 trillion. Since our brain struggle to understand such huge numbers let’s translate it into something familiar: 400 trillion seconds represent 12,683,916 years… Not sure this actually help.

What is a life purpose?

I used to think that a did not have a life purpose because I was not a Beyonce, Obama, Layla Saad, Nova Reid, etc. I used to think I was very different from all of these people. Then I remember having this discussion with a friend and he said to me “People think having a life purpose has to be something…

Intuition is when you know you know something but you don’t know how you know it. I am sure you experienced it before!

Why is your intuition important?

At this stage of the program it is time to understand how your instinct can be helpful when it comes to making decisions in an ever-changing environment.

As I mentioned before, our society has put on a pedestal our rational brain, what author and midwife Mark Harris calls “meaning-thinking” brain. While the “meaning-thinking” brain is on a pedestal the limbic system is on the floor completely forgotten and neglected. The limbic system is involved in our behavioral…

I have created a set of self-help tools. Weeding is the 3rd part of this tool box. You can click here to access the whole program!

Weeding in the context of mental health

When I think about my mental health I imagine a garden. The space has virtually no limits except for the ones I have created myself.

I create, maintain and expand my garden by understanding the quality of the soil, adding compost and top soil and maybe some tomato feed where need be. …

Now that you have mastered the foundations tools let’s deepen the understanding of the first agreement: Be impeccable with your words.

Your inner-critic

Assuming you have read my article about the foundations tools when it comes to building a healthy head space, you know that your inner-critic is your worst enemy. You also know that mastering self-improvement, self-love, self-compassion, self-anything is about learning to manage your inner critic.

I believe that our inner-critic fulfills two functions: protecting us and limiting us. See it as a very protective parent. Parents (most of them) wants what’s best for their children. Some of them will…

Mental health hygiene, diet, routine is new to many of us. Here I crafted a starter kit for those ready to step into a new life!

Why building a mental health routine

Our society put the health of the body on a pedestal forgetting that body and mind work closely together. Science has made significant discoveries reinforcing the importance of the connection between body and mind. The most significant one being the power of placebos.

“The placebo effect is a way for your brain to tell the body what it needs to feel better” — Professor Ted Kaptchuk

Studies emphasize the importance of a ritual to…

Since you just realised there is something called White privilege ruining the lives of millions of people around the world and you want to help. Here is my contribution to your commitment!

Before we start click here to understand what black people and people of color are and have been going through.

Starter kit

Welcome into the most difficult self-development work you will have to do. Let’s dive straight into it:

  • Here is a document created by an amazing person whose name I don’t know. This document will take you to a step by step understanding of structural racism by only spending…

Minority: the smaller number or part, especially a number or part representing less than half of the whole. This word date from late 15th century. It comes from the French minorité or medieval Latin minoritas, from Latin minor which means ‘less, lesser, smaller’ .


I can’t breathe. I am so angry. My breath is stuck in my upper chest. I have tried to do some relaxation to ease myself out of this fire. I can’t. I am boiling.

I have been thinking about writing an article about my anger for a long time but I was scared. Scared of people’s…

Nowadays we lose ourselves in others: their expectations, their desires, our desires to please, to be accepted, to belong. By always gravitating towards others we lose sight of ourselves, forget our nature, take a shape which does not give us enough space to be.

Sawubonasana is a space where you can be yourself, recognized and loved just the way you are. Sawubona means “I see you and by seeing you I bring you into being”, Asana means posture, way of living.

I want to guide you towards a life where you see yourself; Where you acknowledge your own existence where…

Emilie Raymond

Sawubonasana is a space where you can be yourself, recognized and loved just the way you are.

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