An Exciting New Alternative for Smart Packaging

Packaging industry is about to change most of its products with more advanced and integrated new designs. New package designs are considered to be smart and offer longer shelf lives for their containment from foods to industrial products. Packages will contain a simple cirquit and a digital screen which will give a continuously updated product status about freshness, any gas detection as a result of spoilage and so on. Packages will be impermeable to any gas or substance which causes possible spoilage/corrosion/breakage on products.

Recent studies on advanced/smart packaging materials brought a new alternative for smart packaging systems. A recently discovered nanomaterial, namely graphene, seems to change all the quality assesments related with package industry very soon. Graphene is an extraordinary material which is a 2 dimensional (only 1 atom thick ~ 0,34 nm) nanomaterial consists of carbon atoms arranged as hexagons (looks like a honeycomb) and known to be the smallest, strongest, electrically and thermally conductive material ever discovered. These properties already take a lot of interest, yet new studies revealed that graphene is also impermeable to any kind of gas, substance or bacteria and these newly found properties will surely make graphene the future material of packaging systems.