Gold (Au) Element’s Specifications


Gold is a rather soft yellow metal. Au(Gold) has the atomic number of 79 and Gold is placed in the same periodic table column as copper and silver. Gold conducts electricity and heat easily, and has an extremely high density. Au(Gold) is hardly oxidized; moreover gold is not affected by most acids and bases. Gold is widely utilized in jewelry in golds pure form or mostly as an alloy. Depending on how much of amount of gold is in alloy, the term ‘carat’ is used. For example, 24-carat is pure gold. However, pure gold is rarely used due to Golds softness, so Gold is mostly alloyed with other metals to make the product durable. Au(Gold) is malleable and ductile, and can be pressed into sheets.


Gold is used in Jewelry

Gold is used in Coins

Gold is used in Art, decoration

Gold is used in Architectural ornament

Gold is used in Electroplating

Gold is used in Gears for watches, artificial limb joints

Gold is used in Electrical connectors

Gold is used in Coating electrical conductors

Gold is used in Computer chips, circuits

Gold is used in Dentistry

Gold is used as a catalyst

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