Meet our Featured Artist: Deborah Benzaquen

Discover a little more about our featured artist and photographer Deborah Benzaquen, whose work is on exhibition at Dasthe Art Space & Agency until November 30th!

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First, a few beautiful words from the artist herself:

Hi, I am Deborah Benzaquen, born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1973, a country where the light is magical.
In my early years I had to go to Paris with my mom,
I felt like the sky was falling on my head.
I needed the light and the magic.
I did not know how lucky i was, indeed it was humanly and culturally deeply rewarding.
I am a nostalgic person.
I live in my past, I fear the passing of time and I dream my future.
My passion for cinema is life-saving.
I love images, beauty in all its forms.
The ugly and the good.
It’s with photography though that I get carried away.
New York, where I lived in the prime of my adult life, was my first playground.
The light there is pretty amazing too…
Cinema is an endless source of inspiration.
Photography is my future, my dream.
Today being in Casablanca is very different, but there is so much to say and share.

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Little B (series)

Speaking with Deborah was more of a delight than I think I can express here in words. She’s a purist, an appreciator of beauty and is in constant search for the imagery and moments that speak to her. Although experimenting with photography at a young age, it wasn’t until she was exposed to the process of developing film that she had discovered something magical. Ironically, it was in the dark room, in a sea of black, where in which all became illuminated.

“I feel I want to do it and sometimes just because I think it’s beautiful…

…just because I’m touched by the image.”

Documenting the dark, harsh, beautiful, suffering and inspiring reality that surrounds us, her image taking becomes necessary sometimes without an identified motive.

Why do you do it?

For the exchange. There is a series of exchanges taking place during the process of photography, for Deborah and this essentially answers the “why” of the work. The exchange between the artist and the subject or the image, and then the exchange between the photograph and the viewer. The light enters the artist when inspired by the image and her hope is to transfer this light to the audience when they see what she has captured. Its a very personal connection that links this process, and a very integral one, indeed.

The words “thank you” come to mind for the artist as she is thanking either the subject, the image or the universe for revealing it to her, and then the thank you that comes from the viewer, for receiving a bit of this magic.

Here & Now & Dasthe Art Space & Agency in Casablanca: Fashion Imagery

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Berberliner (series), on exhibition at Dasthe Art Space & Agency

For this exhibition, which opened on November 2nd, 2017 here at Dasthe, Deborah’s exhibited works are part of her Berberliner Series, during which she worked with stylist and designer Amine Bendriouich. He has a few words to say about this series:

“Berberliner is a tribe that existed or could exist, from a berber origin the tribe has been teleported instantly from its natural environment to Tiergarten, Berlin. This work is to show the evolution of their culture under the new Berlin cultural influences and to reveal their new identity; This work brings to light the abundance of the possibilities we could build by blending cultures.”

Deborah, with the help of Amine, has captured the semi-strange reality of globalization, in an absolutley dazzling way.

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Berberliner (Series) On exhibit at Dasthe

Check out her work here at Dasthe Art Space & Agency until November 30th!


November 20th: Collectors Night including guided tour of the gallery with explanations of the work on display and open discussion afterwards!

November 30th: Collectors Night

  • Written by Gionna Cuccolo, curatorial assistant, from Dasthe Art Space & Agency
  • 58 rue la Mortada, Casablanca, Grand Casablanca, 20250, Morocco
  • Current Exhibition: Fashion Imagery, on display until November 30th!
  • Upcoming Exhibition: “Copies Doubles, Self Portrait in Spaces” Imane Djamil opening December 5th-30th, 2017!

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