Don’t Get Angry. Don’t Get Even. Get Paid!
Martin Farley

I’m just been learning about Basic Income Guaranteed (BIG) over the past year, and efforts in Canada to do another regional test to measure the impact are being made both provincially and federally. This article is the first time I’ve heard property taxes (LVT) being suggested as the way to fund it, but given the spectacular increases in values of some properties in parts of our country, this might be a great way to go, in part to limit speculation. While property taxes are viewed somewhat negatively here, particularly for folks on fixed incomes (seniors, for examples), as long as the BIG will cover that increased tax burden, then I’d be in favour of pursuing it.

As property taxes are a provincial tax right/responsibility, it might be a bit tougher to organise this on national level, but it is probably worth considering.