IG Important Announcement — 1b Airdrop, WP Lite, Verification and Website Updates

As promised, we will outline the minimum requirements to be eligible for the 1,000,000,000 IGG Airdrop in this article. We will also share some other pertinent information so PLEASE read the full article.

We want to cover some aspects that we feel it is important to clarify on the basis of feedback.


We will be making some updates to the website over the next 2 weeks. Please bare with us. We will release more information about these features in the coming week.


For our first 1 billion airdrop, we were flexible on the Know Your Customer Regulatory (KYC) requirements integrated into our website. We enabled all those that submitted at least 1 ID to qualify for the airdrop.

Users with this Partial Verification Status have now been reverted back to unverified. You will have received an email indicating what you need to do to get the verified status ahead of the next airdrop.


We have released EXTENSIVE information about our plans and continue to roll out more. We have also stated that we intend to release a White Paper Lite that will provide all the pertinent information, along with our other documents to enable users to make an informed decision about the IG project.

We understand people live busy lives and it is often difficult to look at several channels. So we will endeavor to get the IGLitePaper out to the community in the next 2 weeks.

A lot more additional documentation will also be revealed to provide even further greater clarity in terms of what we aim to achieve. Including more information on esports, blockchain and the IG Project.

1 BILLION IGG AIRDROP — 30/09/2018

This is happening. 1,000,000,000 IGG to be airdropped at the end of the month to all eligible users. IGG requirement for qualifying is in the section below. We will release our 2018 Airdrop Schedule 2.0 that will provide further information ahead of our next 1 billion drop.


As was demonstrated with the last drop, we WILL ensure everyone has ample opportunity to sign up, verify and receive the airdrop. We are working on a number of critical things over the next few weeks so please get in touch with an Admin on our Telegram Groups (see bottom) and we will get back in touch with you ASAP.


There has been a lot of debate about the minimum amount of IGG an individual must hold to be eligible for the airdrop. We have observed both sides — those with low and high holdings. We understand all points of view. Before outlining what the minimum IGG requirement will look like, it is important to note that there always individuals across the landscape that have their own interests at mind — intentional or unintentional. This is natural. However, for IG the interest lies in the successful execution of our vision. We will ALWAYS act in the best interest of this vision.

That being said, we never envisioned an IGGalaxy that favours those with more. At the same time, nor do we reward those that add no value to our ecosystem. The structure we will set out today will demonstrate this approach.

Introducing the Banded Airdrop

We have decided to implement a Banded Airdrop for the 1 billion IGG. This will work as follows:

The 1 billion will be divided into 4 drops. 250m IGG in each drop.

  • Airdrop 1: All verified users with at least 50,000 IGG
  • Airdrop 2: All verified users with at least 100,000 IGG
  • Airdrop 3: All verified users with at least 150,000 IGG
  • Airdrop 4: All verified users with at least 250,000 IGG


  1. If you have 356,000 IGG — You would be eligible for all 4 airdrops
  2. If you have 58,000 IGG — You would be eligible for Airdrop 1
  3. If you have 180,000 IGG — You would be eligible for the first 3 Airdrops
  4. If you have 0 IGG — You would not qualify unfortunately. You are able to trade 1000 TRX for 50,000 IGG on Tronscan though — Intergalactic Gaming (IG) aims to bring esports to the Tron Network.

We hope this clarifies the requirement for the airdrop. This structure will retain the accessibility to the drop for newcomers, whilst also rewarding the early adopters that strongly believe in the IG vision.

Thanks for reading AND more to follow! A lot more to come. Adoption is now.

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