The high cost of land and infrastructure are the two major issues that developers face in their efforts to put up affordable housing units.

Rendeavour Country Head, Nick Langford, says the government should consider tax breaks and contribution toward putting up roads and other social amenities in gated communities housing hundreds of families.

The government targets to facilitate construction of half a million housing units by the year 2022 with the vision that at least one million Kenyans will be homeowners under the affordable housing agenda.

This is mainly being financed by private investors who are expected to work hand…

Karura forest in Nairobi. About 150 title deeds of parcels of land in the forest that had been illegally registered were revoked. PHOTO | JARED NYATAYA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Hundreds of title deeds and lease documents gazetted for revocation since 2017 are still in the hands of grabbers after the Ministry of Lands delayed expunging them from the central registry.

After six years in office and colossal amounts of public funds spent on its operations, the National Land Commission (NLC) now “regrets” it was unable to deliver on one of its key mandates of implementing the Ndung’u Report on stolen land assets worth billions of shillings.

The NLC, which has been dogged by infighting and has had its chairman Mohamed Swazuri charged with corruption, blames the chief land registrar…

The National Land Commission has revoked 108 illegally acquired title deeds of the JKIA land.

The majority of the affected parcels have not been developed. Some have multimillion-shilling homes.

The titles’ revocation is the commission’s latest purge against land grabbers.

The NLC report, exclusively obtained by the Star, shows some parcels compromised the airport’s safety. Some are in the second runway.

For instance, L R No 209/14165 measuring 1.97 acres and L R No 209/14165 measuring 14.9 acres are on a flight path of the second runway.

Plots L R No 9042/45 and L R No 9042/46 are near the…

As the theatre of the politics of succession leading to 2022 plays out in the expansive Rift Valley region, the spectre of the ever-simmering land question looms large.

“Chitap koret,” this is my ancestral land, a Kalenjin from the Sabaot community, one of the nine ethnic dialects that make up the Kalenjin nation, said to me at the foothills of Mt Elgon, in Trans Nzoia County. Sabaots are a pastoralist community and just like the Maasai people, believe in keeping cattle — even the poorest Sabaot must have a cow or two. …

Collaboration is the way forward for banks to stay relevant and for FinTechs to flourish

Digitization has fundamentally transformed every industry and the banking sector is no different –banking, branches, and wallets amongst others have all turned digital. While traditionally, banking software was used for operations such as managing customer databases, executing transactions, and handling accounts, today it has converted banking into an omni-channel offering that customers can access from anywhere at any time.

In India, FinTech led transformation of the banking space all started with the increase in smartphone and mobile Internet adoption followed by banks ‘app-ifying’ their products…

House in the way of navigation lights are demolished at Senti Kumi in Likoni, Mombasa County, on February 9, 2019. PHOTO | WACHIRA MWANGI | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Over 150 families in Senti Kumi, Likoni, were evicted on Saturday after the National Lands Commission and the Kenya Maritime Authority’s notice for them to move away from navigational aids elapsed.

The NLC issued the notice in January 18, 2018 for the individuals to surrender the sites and leave within 90 days.

The navigational aids were put up in the early 1920s and commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri said the land was entirely reserved for navigation lights.

Mr Swazuri accompanied the Likoni security team to the demolitions in Mombasa County.

The officials tore down several structures without allowing residents to remove…

A property that is at the centre of a dispute between St. Marks ACK church and the Nairobi Diocese in Westlands along School lane./VICTOR IMBOTO

A dispute over the ownership of a Sh500 million land is threatening to tear apart the Anglican Church of Kenya, Nairobi Diocese.

The diocese, headed by Bishop Joel Waweru, is embroiled in an ugly fight with St Mark’s ACK Church, Westlands, over the prime property along School Lane, Westlands.

Some church members have accused the bishop and the diocese of planning to push them out of the plot — LR №1870/111/159. They claim it belongs to the parish.

They said the church bought the property in 1964 for Sh100,000 and registered it in the name of the Church Commission for…

A court ruling asserting that married women qualify to inherit properties of their fathers and should not be excluded during distribution has stirred debate between defenders of women’s and men’s rights.

The ruling was made by the Environment and Land Court in Nyeri, and stopped a woman from disinheriting her step-daughters. Justice Lucy Waithaka held that married daughters are also entitled to inherit their father’s estate, contrary to customary law and many traditions in the country.

While delivering a ruling on the distribution of the estate of Mr Ibrahim Wathuta Mbaci, who was polygamous, the judge said her verdict was…

Paul Botes/ M&G

Both the ANC and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will support the expropriation of land without compensation and propose the amendment of section 25 of the Constitution to achieve that end. But that is old news.

It will be recalled that the EFF had supported a motion towards a possible constitutional amendment, which the ANC largely endorsed.
Extensive public consultations were held, resulting in a formal parliamentary decision to amend the section.

The details about the contours of the amendment remain murky, but the principle remains: both parties (wrongly) perceive section 25 as a stumbling block towards the achievement of…


Bishop Joel Chola, who is the executive director of Clarence Matheny Leadership Training Institute was, on Monday, awarded Ksh787 Million in a landmark ruling by a Kajiado High Court.

Justice Reuben Nyakundi ordered that the money is paid to the organization in three days as compensation for the Ngong’ land used to construct phase 2A part of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

“I order that the NLC pays a sum of Ksh 787, 987,569 to Clarence Matheny Leadership Training Institute not later than this week on Thursday,” Justice Nyakundi stated.

According to Nyakundi, the money accrued after NLC bosses, led…

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