The Justice Club - Charitable Plans


This is an overview of our charitable plans. It is an initial document outlining what we are aiming to do and the impact of these actions. These plans are subject to positive changes as we gain more information and discover more charitable ideas - potentially from our amazing community!

About The Justice Club

The Justice Club is a concept that aims to use NFTs to fight various injustices and inequality such as child poverty. As founders of this project we have experienced first hand injustices, unfairness, difficulties and challenging circumstances. We believe that children should not have the burden of worrying over their entitlements nor their future - something that is a basic human right for us all.

“Imagine the cure to cancer is stuck in the mind of a child who does not have access to education” Education played a key role in our ability to get to where we are. Each and every child has their own story, their own hardships and injustices they face on a daily basis. We believe it is our responsibility and duty to ensure they are able to focus on their future, goals and simply live life without such worries, as every kid should be able to - this level of comfort and freedom to focus will allow them to become impactful individuals in the future. This will play a role in our donation policy regarding some of the charities we work with during different waves of this project.

The Justice Club has a range of wacky and cheeky ‘Justice Warriors’ who are coming through the Cardano blockchain to represent, protect and be the voice of the voiceless. There will be multiple waves of the ‘Warriors’ and each wave will be made up of unique characters which will aim to fight a unique social cause. Our first wave of these justice warriors will be Teddy Bears, created by our extremely talented in-house artist from Brazil, Yme! There will be 7120 Teddy’s and they will form a fearless team that will be representing the young people of society in particular. Each 7120 Teddy will be representing 50,000 children across the world. 7120 x 50,000 = 356,000,000. Why is this figure important? Because there are unfortunately 356 million children in poverty - we have a lot of work to do! Be a part of this community and project to show your support.


A major aspect and utility for The Justice Club is the collaboration with charities. We will undoubtedly be donating to many charities, however we have decided to officially partner up with and collaborate with charities ahead of launch too - something that these charities have never done in their history - teaming up with a CNFT project. We really are a part of a revolutionary time!

Each wave of these unique CNFTs will lead to partnerships with different charities which serve a range of diverse social aims. With our wave 1 launch, our Teddys will be representing children in particular, and the charities we have decided to work with are ‘KIDS’ and ‘Action for Children’. We are also liaising with and donating to other charities such as UNICEF to make sure we are reaching people in different parts of the world and because we are in awe of their outstanding work.

KIDS - This is a beautiful charity which has brilliantly worked to improve the welfare, wellbeing and livelihood of disabled children for half a century! Their mission statement is the reason we have decided to collaborate - they aim to support and empower disabled children and young people to have fun, learn and grow with confidence. KIDS’, just like you and I, would love to see a world in which all disabled children and young people realise their aspirations. This amazing organisation offers domiciliary care, support for parents and families, mediation, advice for children's rights and legal advice. In addition to this, KIDS Charity allows children the opportunity to become independent and develop interests by offering them the opportunity to get involved with adventure playgrounds, after school clubs and many more activities.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live. KIDS has stayed active, supportive and open through this global pandemic. Disabled children and young people in general along with their families have faced new and seemingly impossible challenges. KIDS’ expert staff have continued to make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of children and their families. They managed to adapt extremely swiftly and listened to families and children in need in order to continue their amazing work. We are honoured to be in partnership with such an outstanding organisation.


Action for Children - This is a marvellous charity which puts children at the heart of everything they do. Their superb mission of protecting and supporting children and young people has impacted the lives of millions of people! We’ve decided to collaborate with this astonishing charity as we believe their aims and objectives strongly align with ours. A key focus for Action for Children is taking action early to help children and young people from getting trapped into poverty, abuse and violence. The charity plays an excellent educational role within society too, this includes giving young people support through teaching life skills whilst listening to their feedback and taking action.

One of the outstanding services they offer to young people in need include over 100 children’s centres which gives support to children and families living with a range of issues including poverty and domestic abuse. Just in the year of 2019/2020 they helped 150,000 families through this amazing initiative. Just like KIDS charity, Action for Children have taken into account how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives and have continued supporting families. We are proud to be in partnership with such an admirable charity organisation.


Further Charitable Plans:

In addition to collaborating with charities pre launch (Such as KIDS.Org and Action for Children) and further donations to recognised charities post sale, we will be providing financial support to poverty stricken regions across the world which are close to our hearts, this includes Asia and South America.

Additionally, we will be aiming to reserve some of the proceeds for our bigger picture, which is the ultimate goal of an app which incorporates multiple charities to make donations more convenient - fast forward 10 years, are we making charitable donations via Cardano?!

Moreover, further down our timeline we will be aiming to launch soft toys as merchandise - we are planning on donating 70% of profits to further charitable causes including supporting children in struggling circumstances in different parts of the world.

The best bit - these are charitable plans for Wave 1 - our Teddys! We are aspiring to do more and continue to increase these actions for further waves until ultimately we have our app - an everlasting legacy of helping those in need!

Closing Remarks

Just a reminder that these are our initial early charitable plans, we will continue to grow our ambitions as we go further along this amazing journey. Thank you for taking the time to read our article. It is a genuine and ambitious project with authenticity and transparency so please do follow @JusticeClubCNFT and ask us any questions you may have. We are on hand to help. If you’d like to contact me directly please do so on Twitter @Imz_TJC. Please also feel free to share this article and spread awareness — let's grow this CNFT space together!



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The Justice Club

The Justice Club

I'm Imz and I'm the Founder/PM of a new upcoming CNFT project called The Justice Club. Check us out on twitter and DM for more info: