Social media changes how we think. It shapes how we reason. And even the best and brightest can get pulled into the weak forms of reasoning that platforms like Twitter promote.

Take Jon Favreau. A boy wonder, Favreau became director of speechwriting in the Obama White House at the age of 27, and he wrote some of Obama’s most notable speeches. The president thought so highly of Favreau’s talent that Obama once called Favreau a “mind reader.

After Obama left office, Favreau co-founded “Pod Save America,” an extremely popular politics podcast that HBO is now turning into a TV show.

The way to combat fake news is to give young people the tools to think critically.

Governments around the world are scrambling to solve the problem of “fake news.” From Turkey to the United Kingdom to India to the United States, governments are taking tech companies to task, launching probes and decrying the spread of maliciously false information on social media platforms.

In the U.S., California legislators are considering creating a “Fake News Advisory Board” to study how false information spreads online and suggest solutions for the problem. …

Helen Lee Bouygues

Helen Lee Bouygues is the president of the Reboot Foundation and author of a forthcoming book on critical thinking.

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