Improving Healthcare Accessibility through Remote Patient Monitoring

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4 min readNov 30, 2023
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Our Mission: We want to revolutionize primary care- Shift Outpatient Care to: Remote Patient Monitoring

A healthcare provider office visit can take well over a few hours considering commute distance, time spent in the clinic, and the time spent with the provider. Many of our family & friends living outside cities experience this time cost when it comes to their scheduled health check. Therefore, we want to showcase how our team at élos Healthcare is taking care of the remote outpatients issue to support our mission.

We believe, having continuous patient health check in the convenience of their home, and authorized by a healthcare provider will lead to a healthy patient lifestyle.

Therefore, having regular remote patient monitoring well care checkups with a virtual personal health care assistant that patients can converse with will assure invaluable support in collecting their vital sign readings, and sending it over to their healthcare provider definitely makes the patient feel secure.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solves the distance and time problem for the patients while staying at home. RPM record and send their vital measurements to their primary care providers, alerts and be monitored real-time which improves outpatients’ clinical outcomes.

With all the Hi-Tech by their side, the primary care providers can create a patient-centric approach to deliver a better patient outcomes, continuity of care, reduces patient healthcare cost, and a superior patient experience.

While we acknowledge the RPM programs’ are limitlessly beneficial to our patients, enrolling in a RPM program with most vendors often requires patients to visit their provider location, to finish all the patient paperwork, get provider authorization, that means a few hours of the patient’s personal time. We have noticed these issues, and our team has dislodge this barrier through Remote Patient Smooth Onboarding (RPSO).

Remote Patient Smooth Onboarding in few minutes

Our RPSO program is designed through direct and personalized interactions and learning that patients receive in person in the comfort of their home. Our program focuses on three key aspects: easy-setup-and-use, mentoring and a dedicated onboarding staff.

Onboarding staff: Providers authorize a request for patient medical devices that are registered by our highly professional onboarding staff before patients are onboarded in a healthcare facility. We track orders, and devices so the provider teams stay focused on improving patient outcomes.

Easy-setup-and-use devices: We ship devices directly to the patients’ home, and all they need to do is unbox the device and then turn it on. A short 2 minutes instructional video available on YouTube will walk them through how to properly set up and use our devices , and doesn’t require internet or mobile app, but cellular technology.

Mentoring : Our RPSO program is patient-centric focused. Our goal is to make patients feel comfortable and confident as they begin their remote patient monitoring care journey, and also provide educational materials to support them as they begin their remote care journey. During their scheduled onboarding phone call, our onboarding staff walks them through submitting their first reading, and answering any questions they may have.

Our onboarding team takes care of the RPM logistics so healthcare providers can stay focused on improving patient outcomes by enforcing, (a) the smooth remote patient onboarding that ensures patients are confident and comfortable using their new device, and (b) engaging and preparing patients for a device measurements.

Break through the barrier

Our remote patient monitoring care services like RPSO break through the barriers and make healthcare more accessible for all by allowing them to begin their entire remote care journey from the comfort of their own homes.

Schedule a demo today to discuss remote patient monitoring care programs and remote patient onboarding to keep healthcare simple and accessible for your patients.

If you’re interested in exploring how our remote onboarding options can propel the growth of your RPM program, please schedule a convenient time for a chat. Our team is eager to assist and support your organization’s journey toward a successful and thriving RPM initiative.


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