Network Marketing Secrets Review (Russell Brunson)

Welcome to my Network Marketing Secrets Review.

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Product Name: Network Marketing Secrets

Author: Russell Brunson

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Network Marketing Secrets Review

Network Marketing Secrets by Russell Brunson is a free book that has been printed in a glossy and professional manner.

It is a really cool way to educate network marketers about the internet marketing approach to effortlessly generating network marketing leads and sales online.

Many books on business and marketing can be pretty bland!

But Russell Brunson uses a fun, personal and easy to follow approach to make sure that even complete beginners to the online network marketing world are able to digest and put into action the information.

The specific focus with the Network Marketing Secrets book is how to use online sales funnels in order to automate the traditional manual network marketing sales and recruiting process.

For example, you will learn the secrets for how to create the same effect of 3-way calls, home parties, hotel presentations, calling leads etc. but to automate it as part of a sales funnel on the internet.

It is a powerful way to create the same personal connection to help close your leads into sales, but in an automated way so that you don’t have to manually spend hours calling leads and speaking to people.

That gives you more time to focus on the more important income producing activities of your business.

And of course to have more time freedom to relax and enjoy life on your terms, which is probably the whole reason you got into network marketing in the first place…not to spend all your time on the phone trying to persuade sceptical people to join your business!

Network Marketing Secrets Sales Funnels

Network Marketing Secrets is specifically geared around the process of using sales funnels to supercharge the growth of your network marketing team on the internet.

I will now go over the 3 types of sales funnel described in this book by Russell Brunson, as well as give some sales funnel insights based on my own personal experience of marketing within the online network marketing industry over the years.

The 3 types of network marketing sales funnel covered are:

1) The 3-Way Call Funnel

2) The Home Party Funnel

3) The Hotel Meeting Funnel

Each of these network marketing sales funnels are designed to achieve the same type of impact as each of those traditional offline network marketing recruiting strategies.

You learn how to make use of videos, webinars, websites, and email marketing to recruit into your business in an automated manner.

It is important to highlight that you are not simply replicating these old school methods on the internet.

So the 3-Way Call Funnel is not about generating leads online to then get them to do a 3-way call with you. (That would defeat the purpose of using the internet to give you more time freedom!)

But rather to use videos and other trust building mechanisms within a sales funnel to build the same personnel connection and trust, but without you having to manually do the work and talk to every lead that you generate.

There really is no need to spend hours manually dealing with sceptical prospects when you can simply automate the process online.

Network Marketing Secrets Upsells

Russell Brunson’s Network Marketing Secrets does not have upsells that are required to get the full benefit from the free book that you get.

In other words, to upgrades are needed to make the book “work”.

There is not some hidden “catch” to trick you into getting this free book.

And there is certainly not any sneaky forced billing technique used that will automatically bill your card each month or for additional products without your approval.

Russell Brunson is a highly successful and talented internet marketer with a gift for educating others to make use of online sales funnels to take their business to the next level.

He is using this free book as a way to show off his expertise to you so that you see him as a trusted expert in the industry and therefore will be more open to buying his future products when they get launched.

He also runs his own sales funnel creation service called Click Funnels. This is a drag and drop sales funnel creation tool that lets any online business owner, affiliate or network marketer to quickly create their own professional funnel process without needing to hire a programmer.

So he is going to hope that a certain number of people that claim his free Network Marketing Secrets book are going to be interested in making use out of his Click Funnels software at the end of it.

This book is also part of a sales funnel process itself.

You will be presented with a range of special one time offers (OTOs) at a discounted rate for additional training, tools and services of his. These programs range from sales funnel creation training, One Time Offer creation (to break even on paid advertising) and online lead generation strategies.

So whilst these upsells are not “needed” they can help people take their business to the next level at a much faster rate if those additional, optional special offers are taken advantage of.

Summary Of Network Marketing Secrets Book Review

Thanks for reading though my thoughts on Network Marketing Secrets.

It is a really exciting book that Russell Brunson has put together to show network marketers how they can build a more profitable and fun business by moving away from “old school” network marketing recruiting methods and into the modern world of online sales funnel creation.

Network Marketing Secrets is 100% free. The only cost is to pay the postage and packaging costs so that he his not running this promotion at a loss on the front end.

There are not unethical “tricks” that he uses to rebill your card on a monthly basis or anything like that so you are in safe hands with his company that is for sure.

There really is no “catch”, but at the same time he will present you with the opportunity to take advantage of discounted rates for some of his other programs as part of this book funnel.

To grab your own copy of Network Marketing Secrets by Russell Brunson, visit the page below.

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