Profit Point Autonomy Review — Is It Legit?

Adam James
Aug 8 · 4 min read

Welcome to my Profit Point Autonomy Review!

If you are looking for a no-hype review of Profit Point Autonomy to help decide if it is a scam or legitimate system then you have landed upon the right page!

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Profit Point Autonomy Review

Profit Point Autonomy is the latest business opportunity offer doing the rounds on the affiliate networks.

You might have received an email from an affiliate marketer who is promoting Profit Point Autonomy.

They will get paid around $70 for selling the $47 product to you.

It is called CPA Marketing. Nothing wrong with it, but a lot of these type of offers are quite hyped-up and it remains to be seen whether they offer the best introduction to the internet marketing world for beginners.

So take the “reviews” of other marketers with a pinch of salt as they do want you to make a purchase so they get their CPA commissions.

Profit Point Autonomy — The Method?

In this Profit Point Autonomy review let’s talk about the method that is used to supposedly make the money: affiliate marketing.

Now, this is a very cool business model and what I have been doing to work from home for many years now.

It involves creating websites and publishing content to them in order to get traffic from the search engines.

And then other advertising methods such as sharing on social media and buying ads online is another way to get the site promoted.

The aim is to divert people from your site to the sales page of a product that will pay you a commission when a sale is made.

This is what they teach you and give you a website for with Profit Point Autonomy.

Does Profit Point Autonomy Work?

The sales page for Profit Point Autonomy makes it sound like your website is already generating commissions and you just need to buy it for $47 to get those commissions diverted to your account!

But in reality, you might well get a website to use but you are going to have to take action and do lots of work to get to the point where you site is actually generating a profit.

This will involve learning a variety of internet marketing strategies and to try out a variety of these methods to figure out what works best for you and the products you are selling.

There is an initial learning curve to overcome and that can take a good few months before you pick up some momentum in terms of traffic and sales coming in.

It is unlikely to be the case of just activating it and automatically making money without doing any work!

Is Profit Point Autonomy A Scam?

Profit Point Autonomy may not be a scam if you get a high quality website to use to promote products online with.

But I am not keen on the sales tricks used on their sales page.

They give “customer” testimonials that look like they are being read from a script by actors.

And the income claims made within the presentation and by these so-called customers are very high and not something that a beginner can realistically expect to achieve.

Also, they appear to be using fake scarcity by saying there are only limited spots remaining and that you have to act fast to get accepted and also to claim a limited-time discount.

In many cases these are just hardselling methods trying to pressure you into buying right away.

Final Words in this Profit Point Autonomy Review

Profit Point Autonomy provides an affiliate marketing website with training to customers on how to generate an income in the online business world.

Affiliate marketing is a cool business model, but it is something you need to take the time to properly learn about and then to consistently work at building up your websites over the coming months.

It is not something where you click 1-button and get a “done for you” site that is already making you money on autopilot!

There might well be some training of value and a website to help newbies get started, but the success or failure of the user is going to be down to how well they learn advertising strategies and put them into action over a consistent period.

Thanks for stopping by this review of Profit Point Autonomy.

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