CryptoTask progress update vol1

May 27, 2019 · 2 min read

Ok guys, we are excited to start off with the first volume of what will be regular progress reports. This was long due…and there are lots of news that we are excited to share. So, lets get started!

CryptoTask (đapp) is a decentralized freelancing market and we’ve been around for more than a year. We built in our opinion great tech, but to be honest, we neglected the marketing side. What sets us apart is that we have a fully scalable dispute mechanism which means that reviewers check off-chain whether they were selected for a certain job dispute. This means that the platform gas fees don’t depend on the number of tasks that the platform handles! Ok, this is all great, but it means nothing if the user experience (UX) is difficult. Installing metamask, buying tokens, increasing allowance, waiting for confirmations. As many other blockchain projects, we recognized the problem and we are currently working on making the UX great (again :D) and taking business side very seriously utilizing some strong partnerships and working intensively on customer onboarding.

Survived crypto winter and we are back stronger than ever. Here is our current status and planned activity:

  1. New simple login based UX (email + password): integrated wallet (no Metamask plugin), integrated crypto conversions (no need to buy tokens — pay in btc or eth; soon also fiat payments powered by our limepay partner), don’t block UX while waiting for mining confirmations, job searching and sorting utilizing elasticsearch (keep checking our github)
  2. Strong backing from the crypto space: we are supported by Aeternity ventures, both financially and PR. We were selected from more than 100 teams that applied. Through a long process including an intensive one week business and tech training and evaluation week, we finally made it into the final 4 that were selected to partner with AE (one of the top 50 crypto projects according to coinmarketcap). Along the way we met some great and passionate people that we are excited to be working with in the future. You can check a short video here:
  3. Strong partnerships: we partnered with the Croatian freelancers’ association HDNP (, 15,000 members! Not to mention great connections to other EU countries, especially the UK (50,000+ members)
  4. Focused growth: one of the most exciting partnerships is with the Kenyan bitcoin association and freelancers’ hub in Nairobi!

Crypto spring is here!

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