How Clickle can affect our lives

Social Interaction with Clickle: Be Excited

Hey Clickle Crowd,

Before we get to the meat of this blog’s matter, we need to discuss a few more basic aspects of Clickle. Aside from the various management improvements and quality-of-life features that we discussed in the last blog, Clickle also allows users and service providers to create so-called “Clickles”, which are pre-packaged interactions that enable people to achieve complex tasks in one click.

Imagine, for instance, that you wanted to organize a big birthday party. You may need to rent a location, order some catering, hire a DJ and keep everyone up-to-date… amongst other things. Typically, this would mean a number of long days and nights getting everything set up and ready, calling various providers and informing friends and family as things shape up into something more concrete. As we know, Clickle can streamline this process by offering you quick and easy access to providers and by allowing you to create events for your friends where you can easily share information with everyone.

Still… that requires more clicks than what we want — which is why we offer “Clickles”. Instead of getting in touch with all the providers and participants individually, you can choose a “Birthday Party” template, which a group of providers may offer or which is based on previous events. Now you can get all of it done in a click.

What we are most excited about, however, is that you can share these “Clickles” with others. You booked an amazing holiday with Clickle and want to suggest it to a friend? Someone really needs to try your favorite dish at this great restaurant? A colleague has to set up a meeting but is running out of time? Share your Clickle with him or her and they can enjoy what you loved or simply rely on your experience in a time of need — without any hassle.

Given the versatile nature of the app, this can affect virtually every aspect of our lives— from organizing smaller events to building a house or setting up complex “stories” to be shared with friends (sending them on an adventure with specifically chosen and tailored experiences). And all of this is not limited to just sharing the Clickle… you can also gift it by choosing to pay for the bundle.

We believe that Clickle will become an essential tool for social interaction in the near future, because it offers revolutionary new avenues for experiencing life together and improves existing ones. With Clickle, you can tell your story and others can relive it. With Clickle, everything is just a click away.

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