Let Crystal Asset take the work out of Investing

You can build your wealth with automated investing. Whether you are creating your first portfolio or a seasoned investor, Crystal Asset’s investment offering not only takes the chore out of investing by managing your money, it can also expose you to the attractive profit potentials of open market trading and institutional lending.

So, what makes Crystal Asset so great?

Sit back and relax (automated)
Crystal Asset’s managed investment service makes life much easier for any investor accepting of our investment approach. Crystal Asset handles everything for you, from the day-to-day trading and investing to monthly compounding of your account for more outsized growth. All you have to do is sit back and relax while you monitor your account growth over time.

Low fees. Better than a human
Traditional managers can cost 1% or more irrespective of account performance but Crystal Asset only charges you on the profits we make. Crystal Asset charges 0.5% on client profits and there are no other hidden fees or charges. As a firm that utilize AI algorithms for trading, they can be much more efficient than humans, with fewer errors and technology that never sleeps.

Setup process
Unlike traditional investment managers who can boggle investors down with paperwork, extended waiting times and unrealistic vetting procedures, Crystal Asset investors can open an account easily by filling the account opening form on the Crystal Asset website. Account verification is carried out almost instantly as well.

Investment performance
Crystal Asset through its proprietary artificial intelligence machines will do all the trading for you. It is hard to find a more rewarding managed investment service based on account performance and growth since 2018.

Investing can be easy and more straightforward than many people see it when it’s automated. Whether you’re creating your first portfolio or looking for sophisticated strategies to help maximize returns, Crystal Asset’s automated investing through its managed investment accounts can do more with your money.



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