Green Scene solar powers air quality meters

Green Scene Energy
Oct 21 · 2 min read

Green Scene Energy PLC is proud to be part of a project measuring air quality levels in urban areas of Ethiopia. Green Scene’s role has been to provide solar power to air-monitoring meters installed at sites in Nazret-Adama, Dukem, and Sebeta — the latter two being industrial conurbations on the south and west sides of Addis Ababa, respectively. The meters are enabling researchers in Ethiopia and the USA to gather data about air pollution and its effect on public health.

One of the installed sensors in elementary school in the town of Dukem.

Green Scene Energy’s provision and installation of solar panels, batteries, charge controllers and other accessories at the three sites, including a two-year warranty on all parts, enables each meter to operate 24 hours a day without relying on grid power. In the case of a lack of direct sunlight, the meter can still operate for several days.

Although not provided with solar power by Green Scene Energy, meanwhile, meters have also been installed in cities of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

The USA’s Department of Health and Human Services has covered 80% of the $5million cost of the project, with the rest being covered by its Canadian counterpart. The data gathered is intended to be used for research purposes in medical schools in both the East African and North American countries.

Green Scene Energy

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Green Scene Energy PLC is a company that provides renewable energy for the off-grid households in rural areas of Ethiopia.

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