[NOTICE] HEX airdrop event

Hello, this is HEX team.

The snapshot for the HEX Airdrop was completed on the Ethereum network 6,510,932th block (October 18, 2018 11:00 (KST) / 02:00 (UTC)).

The HEX Airdrop will be paid to wallet addresses which hold the Aston(ATX) at the time of the snapshot.

(If you receive the airdrop through the exchange market, it will be distributed according to the schedule of the exchange market)

The HEX Airdrop is scheduled for November 9th, and if you wish to receive airdrops through the exchange market.

Airdrop Support Exchange markets

Coinbenes : https://www.coinbene.com
Coinlink : https://coinlink.co.kr
  • Airdrop support does not guarantee HEX listing of the exchange market.

Thank you.