7 Tips You Should Know About Visual Content Marketing

Visual imagery is powerful. They work because of their appeal to human emotion and when coupled with a call to action makes for a combination that could propel your brands reach over the competition. Visuals not only increase understanding, but they tell the brand story more effectively than in written form. According to one study, visual content is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text and when the average user typically takes seconds to scan a website, your marketing advantage lies in keeping your message short, sweet and to the point. Here are my suggested tips on using visual content to market your holistic practice:

1. Always Make It Relevant

In most cases your visual content should have some relevance to the types of products or services your viewers are interested in. Your ultimate goal is to get the viewer interested enough to click your link and view your content. Its estimated that viewers spend less than a few seconds to scan a website before deciding to stay or move on. Grab your viewers attention with a captivating image that makes them want to know more about the services you offer.

2. Make It Memorable

Use visuals that are bold, full of color or play on emotion as they are most effective. Post images that evoke a memory, a place, a time, a sensation or even if it gives a good laugh increases your likability factor and thats what you want. Studies show that posts with a photo can drive up engagement by as much as 180% over those without one! Very promising and if practiced consistently your blog and social network posts should expect a rise in likes and shares!

3. Personalize and Promote

With the consistent use of your logo, website URL and specific fonts and colors, will serve to seal your brand in the mind of the viewer. Personalize your images in such a way that it won’t take away or distort, but embellishes your brand and makes you stand out. You want your visitors to remember you so be relentless in your use of signature fonts and colors and soon your style will become known and easily recognizable.

4. Mix Things Up — Keep It Fresh

Images, infographics and video should all be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Images affixed with quotes are very effective and tend to be used more often when conveying brand values. If you find stats a bit boring — as I do — use infographics which are good for conveying statistical information in a pictorial way that’s easy to understand. Video has domimated the digital landscape in recent years and is a must have in your marketing mix. Its been reported 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service after having watched a video about it. Videos are great for product demonstrations, showcasing your office or giving the viewer an opportunity to meet you.

5. Adopt a Unique Voice

Since you’ve read this far, hopefully you understand the importance of using the right images to promote your practice. Personally I don’t like the idea of using any image for the sake of having one especially if sways to far from your brand and really doesnt add much to your message. However, if you choose quirky graphics as your signature style, at least be consistent with it so as not to diminish marketing efforts or take you outside of your niche.

6. Post Appropriately Per Platform

One size does not fit all and this appropriately applies to your content posting. It can take a lot of time to find just the right topic and image for your audience. Although its convient to post the same update across all of your platforms, keep in mind that what works on Twitter may not work well on Instagram or Facebook. To become familiar with each social network, feel free to read my previous post on the most popular social networks and what works best within each one.

7. Adapt and Learn Through Analytics

The only way for you to know what’s working is through your analytic reporting. On a daily, weekly or monthly basis you should know how much traffic is being generated, where its coming from and how much engagement each post receives. Analytics are important because it allows you to make the most of your time and resources while honing your marketing skills and bringing value to your followers.

Now armed with my tips on effectively using visuals to increase engagement, you’re ready to become known on the digital landscape! As you perfect these skills and pick up others, your engagement should naturally improve. I hope this has been helpful and if you would like to discuss further my services, please feel free contact me at www.monarchvirtualsolutions.com or by email at mwll2148@gmail.com.