GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is an amazing element of the visual media. Animated GIFs is not just for the internet geeks, they add immense value to a business. That these are going viral across social media and other digital platforms for some time now, proves that these are not meant for mere fun. Yes. GIFs can increase sales and that too in practical ways. How? connect digital marketing companies in pune to know more Let’s learn:

  • It can boost an online post.
  • It captures attention of users instantly and thus easier to consume.
  • A GIF can be the perfect medium of using calls-to-action.
  • It can create emotional impact.
  • It can be used to announce the release of new product.
  • Emails featuring GIFs instead of images pull more revenues than those without any animation, many times.
  • It can be used to show the key functions and/or features of your product/service also you should take care about your website design and development.

All these are vital in boosting a sale. Since GIFs present the perfect middle ground between videos and still images, these are interesting enough to convey messages, important for increasing sales.