Mistakes when promoting a crypto project

1️⃣ Race for performance. For example, cheating subscribers and reviews.
Potential investors will be wary and most likely not interested in the project if they see a community with a thousand members and a couple of messages a day.

2️⃣ Focus on one thing — either advertising or development. If your social networks are silent, users may decide that the project has closed, and if the product has not published updates for a long time, they may leave the community.

3️⃣ No ads. The lack of marketing can turn into a fiasco for a new project: no one will know about it.

4️⃣ Launching aggressive advertising and getting banned in social networks.

5️⃣ Refusal of the services of market makers. It isn’t easy to achieve good results on your own without professional software and experience in creating the necessary liquidity on exchanges.

6️⃣ Choice of irrelevant exchanges with boosted volumes or only popular cryptocurrencies. In this case, the token is unlikely to be of interest to users.

7️⃣ Placement of the token on exchanges with high commissions. If the exchange does not support reduced commissions for pending orders, you will have to pay more for market making.

8️⃣ Completely abandon market making. In this case, the project runs the risk of not selling a single token and remaining with a minimum value and without user interest, which leads to closure.

To avoid such mistakes, contact yafo.io

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