I Don’t Like Working Out
Jon Steinberg

Jon, it’s good that you put this out there. While our routines are different they get at the same points: (1) consistency; (2) reasonableness; (3) benefits other than fitness. I’m now 16+ years into my routine (about 1/3 of my life; as you know I’m much older than you!) and I wouldn’t live without it. Every morning it’s making breakfast for my son, then a light breakfast and coffee while doing email, then it’s the gym for 20–25 minutes of cardio, moderate weights if I’m not lifting with my trainer (which I do three times a week). This is what I do six days a week. The routine brings me peace. It lets me catch up on shows I’ve missed or music I’m excited to listen to. And my trainer is like a little brother, a relationship forged across the lives of my children. Keep rocking it, my friend. Then when you eventually hit 50 it will be like running through the finish line, ain’t no big deal, while the best is yet to come.