What I’m Writing I Don’t Know! But this a post from a person who is searching something to do!

Today At #Sunday Afternoon,

M Just sit on the couch and searching something to do. Slept alot! Eat alot! Completed every left work like washing cloths etc.

I know the reason why I am just thinking and have nothing to do because I have No aim till the date for myself. Evertyhing just passing on as usual I woke up and go to office as usual do my stuff and come back to home. And lay on the bed. Do WhatsApp, facebook, Instagram and slept again. This is all what happening into my life right now.

I am a big Dreamer. But Is that all enough what I am doing right now! To make all my dreams comes true?

Obviously not! Every Time I took decision to give a shape to my dream just vanish away with in 2 or 3 days. I felt tired, I felt unlucky, I feel demotivated, I felt sleepy, I really felt broken. and once again go to as my old passing days.

But This is not what I wanted before so long. But It happen again-2 in my life. I think it is not happening not only into my life but many are like me. Who want to do more but not accomplish at all.

Friends, Lets Make a Decision now !

This decision not only comes from your mind But It should comes from your Heart. We should be more committed this time. Because we are only responsible for what is happening into our life.

First of all, Ask your Self, What You want to do for your own self?

Only one question If you decide it carefully It can be the question who can make a change into your own life.

I am also starting from today you can join me. Will post every week what I have done for my own dream of life.



Your Friend