Health Check-Up Camp for the Needy

The most important things needed for lives in developing countries are food and healthcare. Healthcare facilities can be received at hospitals and the health check-up camps organised at regular intervals. Health camp is a place where people undergo medical tests at the same time. Such camps can be organised anywhere throughout the country to raise awareness upon the topic of preventive health check-ups.

Why to Get a Health Check-Up?

A camp is arranged on a particular date at your nearest health check-up facility with proper arrangements to carry out tests on the blood samples of people. The beneficiaries are informed about the date and location of a health check-up camp in advance or at least 4 days before intimation. The nature of such camps may vary as it may be for carrying out routine pathology tests or tests to detect diabetes, thyroid, heart diseases, liver and kidney ailments and hypertension.

Ask for more health camps information and you may find out that there is specialized check-up in rural areas too for offering integrated multi-disciplinary health facilities covering surgical and investigative interventions. It is mostly carried out in secured hospital environments with the help of a group of dedicated medical experts.

Issues They Cater To

Generally, such camps greatly work upon building awareness about common ailments, nutrition, family planning methods, sanitation and hygiene. These healthcare services are offered specially for the marginalized communities in both the rural areas and urban slums. Then, customized camps are put up for rolling out comprehensive health facilities including referral, preventive, promotive and curative. These services involve multi-disciplinary projects like paediatric, gynaecological, surgical and ophthalmology.

Apart from free diagnosis, such camps offer medicines, accommodation, food and surgical care to all. In poor areas, grain banks are also put up for distribution of food grains and healthy food financing. In a country where a large number of people die owing to lack of food and medical treatment, organisation of health camps is of main importance.

What the Current Data Shows?

There is evidence to prove that many years after independence; India is still struggling with issues with offering fundamental health servisces to people. Government sources reveal that 45 children die each hour owing to respiratory infections in our country. One child dies due to diarrhoea every minute. About 2 million children who are below five years die owing to preventable diseases annually. The grave situation only calls for timely diagnosis and care to decrease the rate of mortality and morbidity.

The health camps are put up in major parts of our country where a lack of the healthcare needs has been strongly felt. It is to serve the target population that is financially vulnerable i.e. the lower strata of society.

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