Special School for Hearing Impaired in Delhi

A hearing impaired kid once shared his experience of a government school which only concentrated upon the non-disabled children. In a way, he was right. There are a very few schools that offer inclusive education making learning accessible for everybody. If we see this from the point of view of a hearing impaired child, then inclusion for such a person would mean focusing not only on the writing part but hearing and speaking as well.

Special Schools for Hard-of-Hearing

Take an example of a special school for hearing impaired in Delhi where children get to express their views and opinions on various occasions like talent shows, quiz shows or jam sessions. They are taught to lip read and use the sign language so that they are able to interact well. These schools teach them to overcome all odds irrespective to their limitations. They adapt to a variety of teaching strategies for a classroom setting. Though, first of all, it is necessary to find out the extent of impairment of each child.

Communication and Assessment

This calls for proper assessment of a situation to make education accessible for every special child. Adding willingness and flexibility in our creative abilities goes that extra mile in overcoming problems. The best solution is however, an effective communication. A teacher must know how to cope with the hearing losses but first and foremost, how they occur. For example, if a teacher is giving lessons in a high-pitch voice then he or she is difficult to hear and if he or she has a thick beard then the student may not be able to read his lips.

Techniques to Follow

If we delve further into the topic, it is revealed that an educator is better able to figure out the problems of a special student in a classroom setting. Also, they can be solved then and there itself through application of techniques, such as lowered tones, personal interactions and enunciating. He or she just needs to note down each and every problem of kids and take their experiences into account. Listening can be draining for those people who are not able to hear properly.

Roleplay of a Teacher

Therefore, much of the burden lies on the teacher who has to search for meanings, interpret signs and language. They are required to develop few hand-signalling codes to see if the supporting devices of a child are in proper working order. Even the sitting arrangement inside a class is helpful in determining the most apt strategy for educating children with special needs. The reasons from student side allow the educators to review their actions and come up with something substantial for future reference.