Top 3 Science Fiction Books to Read

Ever wondered, how it would be like to combine your love for fiction with science? It may become a fun-read if you are interested in science too. There are thrills, fantasies and adventures that go endless. Read them anytime, stories like these always give you goose bumps. Science is no longer just a subject. It can interest you as a story you can relish throughout and you are bound till the end. Now, what is better time than October to get wrapped up in your bed with a science fiction book in hand? Read the most popular titles that went on to achieve the cult-classic status

Given below are the top 3 science fiction books to read-

The Time Machine by HG Wells

This novel deals with the time travel concept that uses vehicle which lets an operator travel purposely as well as selectively back and forth in time. This is how the book has become a cult-classic since then and the word time machine has been used to identify with such a vehicle. The protagonist in this epic is a scientist and inventor who travels to and fro through time. Whenever he undertakes a journey, he has a story to tell.According to it, time is a fourth dimension travelling through which one can vanish into thin air.

The Martian by AndyWeir

It is about a NASA astronaut who is a mechanical engineer and botanist. He is stranded on Mars due to an accident and has lost contact with earth. Now, the book is all about his efforts for survival and how the humans back home plan his rescue operation. The book portrays how a man named Mark Watney is able to survive on an unknown land using his intelligence,presence of mind as well as hope. For people who cannot quit, there is no time to be starved till death

Frankenstein by MaryShelley

The novel is a tale of Victor Frankenstein who is a scientist. He creates a grotesque looking creature through an unusual scientific experiment. It is about a person who created life but is horrified by his own creation. It explains how the extent of ambition can even threaten lives if gone wrong as a person loses his logic while following the mad race behind fulfilling ambitions. A unique thing of this novel is that how its author, a woman of such tender age, may come to think of and act upon a hideous idea.

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